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Soasta and CloudBees Team For Jenkins Plugin

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Cloud and mobile app testing company Soasta and Java PaaS player CloudBees have formed a partnership that sees the release of a new Jenkins open source plugin for build, test, and deployment.

With continuous integration features for mobile development utilizing real mobile devices, CloudBees architect (and creator of Jenkins) Kohsuke Kawaguchi says he optimized the plugin for Jenkins to eliminate manual tasks in testing.

"I appreciate Soasta open-sourcing its Jenkins plugin and collaborating with the Jenkins community," said Kawaguchi. "Soasta brings the product expertise and the Jenkins community brings their Jenkins expertise. When we collaborate, it's a win for everyone. We look forward to seeing more companies follow the same path."

NOTE: Users of the over 50,000 Jenkins implementations can immediately use the new Jenkins plugin with Soasta's TouchTest to test apps they build and deploy on the CloudBees Platform.

This full automation of mobile functional testing works by automatically making apps testable. It then wakes them up and reboots devices, installs the app on them, and runs Soasta TouchTest-automated test cases. This adds mobile app functional tests to the automated build process, "eliminating" manual tests for regression and user experience, resulting in faster builds and time-to-market.

According to analyst firm Gartner, "Mobile testing is usually on the critical path for organizations delivering mobile websites and mobile apps. Mobile testing is significantly different from PC testing because of platform diversity, the ever-changing landscape of devices and the fact that some testing tools such as emulators don't offer the same level of test fidelity as a real device."

"Soasta has been an innovative mobile partner with us," said Andrew Lee, vice president of business development, CloudBees. "Now developers can use one integrated environment to quickly develop, perform on-device testing and instantly deploy updates. We're taking continuous cloud delivery and matching the pace of modern, mobile application development."

Soasta and CloudBees Team For Jenkins Plugin

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