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The Industrial Internet Is Data-Driven and Context-Intelligent

Pivotal has confirmed that it will now formally begin operations as a standalone entity. The firm has been helped by a $105 million strategic investment by GE. The company's Software Center of Excellence will standardize on several of Pivotal's technologies to develop apps that support its vision of the Industrial Internet.

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In terms of product, Pivotal One is a Platform-as-a-Service for rapid creation of data-driven context-intelligent consumer grade applications.

The Pivotal development team now plans to build the solution into an offering for real-time high capacity analytics inside so-called new data fabrics. It will also be capable of straddling "cloud independence" as well as modern programming frameworks and support for legacy systems.

Pivotal HD provides integrated data services with Apache Hadoop. With enterprise data services like HAWQ and Pivotal in-memory data grid technology, Pivotal HD sets out to provide technologies for analytical queries and transactional environments.

The Pivotal Cloud and Application Platform is based on Cloud Foundry's open source PaaS, as well as Spring, the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java.

Pivotal aims to offer portability, scaling, automation, and resiliency. The Pivotal Application Fabric is a developer ecosystem designed to enable rapid application development and support for messaging, database services, and analytic and visualization instrumentation.

CEO of Pivotal Paul Maritz says that there is a widespread need emerging for new solutions that allow customers to drive new business value by cost-effectively reasoning over large datasets.

"[There is need for capabilities to ingest] information that is rapidly arriving from multiple sources, writing applications that allow real-time reactions, and doing all of this in a cloud-independent or portable manner," said Maroitz. "The need for these solutions can be found across a wide range of industries and it is our belief that these solutions will drive the need for new platforms. Pivotal aims to be a leading provider of such a platform."

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