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The Monitoring-Aware App Cometh

Progress Software has acquired Cincinnati-based Modulus for its PaaS hosting, deploying, scaling, and application monitoring technologies. Modulus focuses on data-intensive apps using Node.js and MongoDB.

The Modulus Node.js and MongoDB cloud platform works for this new kind of cloud app that developers are being told they need to build; i.e., one that is constantly monitored and optimized at all times.

The Modulus platform is said to be suited for real-time mobile, SaaS, social, and big data apps that run across "distributed device bases" that have to handle floods of data requests — but that are, at the same time, capable of performing with built-in performance monitoring and analytics.

The Modulus platform is offered both as a hosted service and can also be deployed in public, private, and hybrid clouds as well as in an on-premise infrastructure. Modulus Enterprise is the first and only enterprise Node.js PaaS available as a licensed product.

Henry Wasik, CEO at Joyent, a leading cloud provider and corporate steward of Node.js, said, "Modulus is an important partner in the Joyent and Node.js ecosystems and we are helping developers create and deploy today's most demanding real-time web and mobile applications with a platform designed for rapid scale, efficiency, and performance."

Isaac Z. Schlueter, CEO at npm, Inc. said, "JavaScript is everywhere, and Node is the rocket ship that has taken it out of the web browser and onto the server. Node's killer feature is its active community of developers that use npm to create and share open source JavaScript modules. We're very excited to see Progress Software put its weight behind this community, because it means JavaScript can go to even more places. We're looking forward to working with our friends at Modulus to keep driving innovation forward in this space."

James Governor, cofounder of industry analyst firm RedMonk, said, "Designed for high-scale applications, Node.js is growing explosively, and is making an impact on enterprise IT. Progress is acquiring the Modulus PaaS as an on-ramp to reduce deployment and management hurdles associated with Node.js."

Phil Pead, president and CEO, at Progress, said, "Node.js and MongoDB are increasingly at the core of the next generation of apps being developed by enterprises to better understand and interact with their customers. The Modulus capabilities are a perfect complement to the Progress Pacific PaaS platform and allow us to provide businesses and ISVs with an unmatched range of leading edge app development and deployment technologies."

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