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The Only Way Is A Cloud Mobile Back-End

Telerik has advanced its Icenium application management product with new cloud-based mobile back-end services designed to remove the need to manage complex servers and infrastructure.

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NOTE: According to estimations Gartner, by 2016, 40% of mobile application development projects will leverage cloud mobile back-end services — although this claim would appear to many to be a comparatively low estimation and one would expect the figure to be closer to 90 plus percent, the point is still made.

Telerik Icenium sets out to create a path for developers to make a transition to the cloud by providing a mobile application development platform for iOS and Android applications, using JavaScript and HTML.

This so-called "cloud mobile back-end" includes services such as data and file storage, user management, cloud code execution, and email notifications.

In conjunction with Kendo UI, Telerik's HTML/JavaScript framework, Icenium provides a platform to create full-featured mobile applications for multiple devices. The firm says that developers can now focus on the app user experience and functionality rather than the time-consuming and costly back-end.

"As the mobile application development market continues to advance, with it comes the need for full, end-to-end platforms equipped to handle its unique requirements," said Telerik's Todd Anglin. "Icenium is the most compelling mobile application development platform for building hybrid app UIs with supporting cloud-based back-end services."

New features to Icenium include: Everlive project templates to provision the cloud back-end service, creating the necessary types and fields, so that the sample app can go live in seconds. A data navigator is also included so that developers can explore the structure of back-end projects, and navigate to types, fields, and permissions.

Other functions include cloud code — to execute business logic and validations without replication on the client where process and response time is crucial; user management functionality — to make apps social by allowing users to register and login with a few lines of code, minimizing authentication and authorization, behind the scenes.

Telerik also points to Kendo UI DataViz. This technology helps create rich HTML5 charts and gauges that can be embedded in hybrid mobile apps — and this makes it possible to render charts in virtually every environment, from older browsers to mobile browsers on platforms like iOS and Android.

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