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Embarcadero Multi-Device C++ Developer Platform

Embarcadero has launched C++ Builder XE3, a new C++ platform for multi-device development. The new release supports native targeting of Windows 8 and Mac OS X machines and Intel-based mobile devices from a single C++ codebase and development effort.

NOTE: Plans for iOS and Android ARM mobile device support have also been announced for 2013.

So in terms of form and function, C++Builder XE3 includes a full 64-bit compiler and VCL update for existing C++Builder customers to enable 64-bit revisions for existing Windows applications. The new 64-bit compiler architecture also provides C++11 language standards and library compliance.

Developers stand to benefit from the ability to natively target multiple devices with a single effort. With C++Builder's multi-device architecture, development teams can now natively deliver applications on more devices, operating systems, and form factors by leveraging a common codebase.

Programmers also stand to benefit from speedier development with Agile C++; i.e., developers can use Embarcadero standard C++ extensions to speed and streamline C++ development (up to 5x faster than traditional development) with Agile techniques such as rapid prototyping, PME (properties/methods/events) component-based programming, and visual development.

Embarcadero's Michael Swindell also points to the opportunity to gain 64-bit speed, power, and capacity: C++Builder's 64-bit compiler architecture generates applications that can "utilize more memory and data" — it also directly accesses 64-bit APIs, device drivers, and system services, enabling developers to create higher performance, more capable, and more powerful applications.

"[This new offering will help developers to] produce visually stunning applications [and] build applications with Microsoft Windows 8 style UI for desktop across a variety of Windows operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8). Mac OS X and Retina Display support enables developers to create the best-looking Mac apps with native user experience and automatic HiDPI display support," said the company.

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