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Embarcadero Opens Up On Commercial Grade C++

Embarcadero's next application development tools road map has been laid out this month with plans to extend its C++Builder XE2 solution's compatibility from Windows and MacOS X to support the new C++11 standard.

The company will now provide FireMonkey framework support to 64-bit Windows, iOS, and Android.

These multi-platform efforts and C++ compatibility are hoped to win support among developers looking to maximize interconnectivity in application development environments where hardware or software runtime constraints require a small and fast runtime alternative to assembly language.

Indeed, the new C++ architecture also utilizes and extends open source Clang and LLVM technologies shared with Apple's XCode development environment.

NOTE: The C++11 standard (formerly known as C++0x) is the name of the most recent iteration of C++. The name was approved by the ISO in August 2011 and the new programming language is said to support lambda expressions, automatic type deduction of objects, uniform initialization syntax, delegating constructors, deleted and defaulted function declarations, and rvalue references.

"Organizations today must consider a mix of platforms in their product decisions. However, the time and cost of developing for multiple platforms is a significant inhibitor," said Michael Swindell, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Embarcadero.

"Today, our C++Builder XE2 solution solves the native Win/Mac time and cost issues by combining RAD platform with a single C++ code base for Windows and Mac. So we're very excited about our plans to extend these advantages to the most popular mobile platforms; iOS and Android. Our goal is for C++Builder to be the C++ solution that helps development teams natively address all the key platform their business requires while keeping schedules and development costs in check," he added.

The C++Builder XE2 future roadmap includes plans for 64-Bit support, C++11 standards support (the new C/C++ compilers will gain the industry's best in C++11 and C99 language and library compliance), and ARM support for mobile platforms.

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