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Qt Reaches Official Developer Launch of Qt Quick

Nokia Qt Frameworks has this week officially announced the release of the Qt Quick UI (Qt UI Creation Kit) creation kit. The new release is an extension within Qt designed to offer developers and UI designers a route towards working more closely together using the declarative QML programming language. Suggesting that QML itself is comparatively easy to learn, the company says that it makes Qt development much more accessible for developers who prefer scripting languages such as JavaScript, over the C++ of 'traditional' Qt.

Along with today's announcement, the Qt SDK 1.1 beta has also been unveiled. This is a merged SDK that will eventually replace the Nokia Qt SDK (mobile) and the Qt SDK (desktop and embedded) version. The company says that three key releases underpin today's Qt Quick launch: the arrival of Qt Creator 2.1, which contains the Qt Quick tooling and other new features, while Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Mobility 1.1.1 are also announced this week as maintenance releases that address key issues present in previous versions.

"Qt Quick’s arrival is a good time to share some thoughts on its importance to Qt growth. Since 2007 we have been working towards making Qt a strong framework for building web-enabled devices. This was further supported with the introduction of the Qt WebKit integration in Qt 4.4. Following our acquisition by Nokia, we had additional requirements for designing and creating great UIs and apps for touch screen devices," said Daniel Kihlberg, director of Qt Ecosystem. "Qt Quick arrives at a time where on-going investments in Qt by Nokia and by community members continue. Developers can look forward to a strong Qt roadmap."

Additionally, a new Qt for Android community port joins today's announcements. This resulted after an individual developer in the Qt community named BogDan Vantra started creating a port for Qt on Android independently of Nokia and Google.

Qt partners have said that Qt Quick takes development efficiency and flexibility for user experience creativity to new levels and that the product offers a near-zero learning curve with the power of native applications. "Qt Quick changes the whole paradigm of the development of embedded and mobile application. We are able to create pixel perfect user interfaces in a tenth of the time it used to take," said Mark Hatch, chief operating officer at Bedford, MA-based software development company ICS.

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