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Dell Software may not be the PC manufacturer's most high-profile division, but there is work from this subset of the company focused on giving developers and DBAs a connection to the Toad World user community.

The release this week of Toad for Oracle 12.0 offers the knowledge base at Toad World forward so that users can ask questions, interact with their peers, and access a set of platform knowledge, all without leaving Toad.

Note: Toad is a SQL-based interface built to manage data query and migration tasks for database-centric software developers and administrators. Toad enables users to migrate, query, analyze, and report on data through this interface. While Toad for Oracle is written as a native Windows app in Delphi, other versions (including Toad for Sybase) are written in C# on .NET.

Toad is described as the foundation of Dell's database development and administration product family. It is designed to ensure the greatest possible productivity in development and administration of databases.

Toad for Oracle 12.0 includes Forum Window — to provide access to the Toad World user community's knowledge base for Toad, Oracle, and general technology discussions. There is also a Jump Search capability so users get immediate contextual help on any Toad or Oracle topic inside or outside of Toad, even if they don't know where to look. Users can type in the relevant search text, or go directly from an Oracle error message and jump to any Toad window or menu item, the Toad World community forum, or a support article to find what they need to solve their problem.

There is also a multi-schema compare function to allow fast, simultaneous comparison of multiple schemas in source and destination environments; i.e., schemas in the database that need to be compared across both test and production environments.

A private script repository provides a secure, private repository for teams to share scripts and interact with the script's owner to provide feedback, questions, and comments, resulting in greater productivity and higher code quality across the database team.

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