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CodeGear Delphi 2009, C++ Builder 2009 Released

Embarcadero Technologies has unveiled CodeGear Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 rapid application development (RAD) tools for Windows. Among other features, the updated tools expand the global reach for applications via built-in support for Unicode in Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009. In addition, new and enhanced localization tools make it easier to translate applications to take advantage of specific local opportunities.

"For us as a database vendor, Delphi 2009 is the most important new release since Delphi 3," said Thorsten Engler, Principal Software Architect at Nexus Database Systems. "The full Unicode support and the numerous changes to the data access layers put Delphi 2009 at the top in terms of rapid application development. For anyone serious about internationally deployed database applications, Delphi 2009 is an absolute must."

This release provides a number of new Delphi and C++ language features, including Delphi generics and upcoming C++0x standard language features. A new multi-tier DataSnap architecture lets developers use RAD to build high-performance, highly scalable database middleware applications. The middleware applications can be connected to via a lightweight, open communications protocol with thin, full-featured clients that can reside on virtually any native or Web client platform.

In addition, Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 represent the first Embarcadero solutions to bring together advanced CodeGear and DatabaseGear functionality in a single offering. The Delphi and C++Builder Architect editions include ER/Studio Developer Edition to provide a complete solution for designing and building database applications. This integration results in enhanced productivity and time-to-market for developers.

Other new and enhanced features of the two products include:

  • New Visual Component Library (VCL) components including Microsoft Office style ribbon controls.
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image support, dozens of new capabilities for existing controls, and the ability to seamlessly build powerful UIs for Windows XP and Vista desktop applications simultaneously.
  • Major new language features including Delphi generics and anonymous methods, and the first commercial IDE support for C++0x and Technical Report 1 (TR1) in the C++ language.
  • VCL for the Web for creating AJAX and Silverlight-enabled rich intranet and line of business web applications.
  • Updated built-in dbExpress support for CodeGear InterBase and Blackfish SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server , Informix, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, Sybase, and MySQL databases.

"Our goal with 2009 is to deliver the best Delphi and C++Builder ever, to enable ISVs and client/server developers to simultaneously and seamlessly expand their business footprint globally with more client platforms and databases, and richer UIs," said Michael Swindell, Vice President of Products for Embarcadero Technologies.

"Our goal as a combined company is to eliminate the development barriers between applications and databases," he added.

Delphi and C++Builder 2009 support development and deployment on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.

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