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Embarcadero Adds PHP Editor; New Version of Delphi

Database and developer tools company Embarcadero has gone to market with the final version of its RAD Studio XE suite of development tools that includes new versions of Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism, and now RadPHP XE -- a rapid visual development approach and component framework for PHP with a PHP editor and debugger.

Embarcadero says that its XE line-up is distinguished by three key components:

  • Support for multiple database types and deployment environments.
  • Embarcadero ToolCloud technology for centralized licence management with on-demand tool access.
  • An easy upgrade path to Embarcadero's complete toolbox licence All-Access XE.

"Balancing productivity and performance is a perpetual challenge for development teams, especially when they are expected to quickly transition to new technologies and deliver quality applications with limited development resources," says Embarcadero's Mike Swindell. "With RAD Studio XE, teams can build faster and more complex applications by using ready-made components to take care of repeatable tasks and functions, enabling them to concentrate on the development areas that add the most value."

Delphi Prism XE is also bringing a new set of capabilities and features to RAD Studio users. Arguably the most notable of these is cross-platform .NET development support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Integrated Subversion version control, an updated Visual Studio Shell 2010-based IDE and support for the latest versions of .NET and Silverlight are also new to Delphi Prism in RAD Studio XE.

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