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Get Set For Team Foundation Server Time Tracker

Time-poor software application development shops can potentially take more control over their lives with TFS Timetracker for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

This new launch works so that development times can be documented directly as Microsoft Team Foundation Server work items — and then, subsequently, managed centrally. The software works with real-time data and recorded data that is saved in a central database, which is then immediately visible "live".

TFS Timetracker is meant to be able to help achieve more dynamic budget management; development teams think in terms of projects, iterations, and product backlog items, while accounting focuses on budget — the tool seeks to bring the two disciplines in line.

A budget may be assigned to several sprints and even several projects. Vice versa, any number of budgets may be assigned to a sprint. There are hierarchical access permissions for product owner, scrum master, or team. So here we see that depending on the need, different access permissions can be individually assigned to team members.

Development times are documented using a stopwatch principle with a local Windows desktop client and saved "live", which appears in the iteration and in the budget.

"The idea for TFS Timetracker was created from the urgent need of a solution on the market," said Marc Schaeffler, CEO of Berichthaus Software LLC. "Every project leader knows the problems of the low motivation of developers to have their creative development tunnel disturbed with mundane administrative stuff like time tracking. In respect to this, our motivation was to create a time-tracking system that is integrated into Microsoft Team Foundation Server — for programmers by programmers. Times are meant to be tracked directly on TFS work items and all data will be centrally managed and monitored."

Currently, TFS Timetracker is available for Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 and 2013. You can download the TFS Timetracker at and test it in a free, fully functional version for 30 days.

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