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Graph APIs From Whitepages PRO

Whitepages PRO (the enterprise division of Whitepages) has launched a self-service developer portal opening access to new APIs. For those that don't know, Whitepages is a provider of contact information for people and businesses. It also develops mobile apps and business services that make use of its contact data.

PRO's data platform provides access to the "largest database of people and businesses" in North America.

Through the Graph APIs, developers can "enrich their applications" (Whitepages term, not ours) to include identity verification and validation elements, including those centered on names, addresses, phone numbers, businesses, and communications. Developers can now sign up at the new portal to access and integrate the data now.

The new Graph APIs provide access to the Whitepages PRO Contact Graph, a data infrastructure designed to connect people, addresses, and various cell and landline phone numbers.

Typical use cases of the Whitepages PRO Contact Graph include validating user identities, eliminating fraudulent information, and enriching legitimate leads.

Whitepages PRO Graph APIs available via the Developer Center include Person API: returns a dataset about the person behind a name, including related phone numbers, present and historical addresses, and age demographics; Phone API: returns data on any phone number, including the person, location, and address associated with the number, carrier, status on the Do Not Call list, SPAM score, etc.

Kushal Shah, API product manager, Whitepages PRO, explains that the Whitepages PRO Graph APIs use REST/JSON protocols and formats to enable easy integration with other applications to enable lightweight and fast development as well as enterprise-class security and reliability.

"Once the API key is opened, the data is available in seconds, and can be fused into virtually any application that needs identity data for consumer or business applications. For example, Whitepages PRO's APIs have been integrated with Twilio, giving users access to the identity data to decrease call handle times and improve data entry accuracy," he said.

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