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Ingres Announces Community Created Migration Tool

Ingres has announced EasyIngres, an Ingres developer community product that helps PHP developers create applications using Ingres and simplifies the transition from MySQL to Ingres. Spearheaded by Cedric Pasquotti a PHP developer based in France, EasyIngres bundles all necessary components to easily create PHP applications which can take advantage of the enterprise feature set provided by Ingres.

"The EasyIngres developer team recognized early on that it's not just the enterprise that demands the best database technology -- Web 2.0 and social networking companies are managing more mission-critical business and customer data than ever before," said Emma McGrattan, senior vice president of engineering, Ingres. "EasyIngres makes it easy for PHP developers to transition to Ingres from MySQL and take advantage of the superlative performance, scalability, and security features of our code right away."

EasyIngres, a package which automatically installs a PHP development environment, is a community project that brings together the Ingres database, Apache and PHP projects to streamline the setup and configuration process. Included in the bundle are Ingres 9.2, Apache 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.9, Ingres Developer Workbench, Scite Editor Version 1.77 and the Frequent Flyer application, all in a single installable package. EasyIngres was designed with productivity in mind, and offers enterprise capabilities for business critical projects, from the desktop to the data center.

"From the moment I worked on Ingres, I knew that as a community we could make it much easier for PHP developers to work in their environment," said Cedric Pasquotti. "So, for the first time ever, we put together all of the various components needed to write PHP applications for Ingres, and packaged it as a single installable image. In turn, we've made it significantly easier for PHP developers to make the switch over to Ingres."

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