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JetBrains PhpStorm 8 Supports PHP 5.6

JetBrains has announced PhpStorm 8, the newest version of its IDE for PHP and web development. The update features the "deepest-ever" code understanding and advanced support for remote environments.

Users will find PHP Language Support reworked here with language injections into PHP literals. There is also PHP 5.6 full support as well as source and test directories for PHP, new intentions, and inspections.

As well as formatting, debugging and testing, and type inference improvements, PhpStorm 8 now directly supports two content management systems (CMSs): WordPress and Drupal 8. There is also (in frameworks) Blade template engine support, Behat support, and Remote PHP interpreters support.

The remote PHP interpreter looks good for code that needs to be executed in a production-like environment. There is also a new update in the form of a live Console with JavaScript and NodeJS debugger.

PhpStorm 8 also brings support for some of the most trending web technologies: Advanced AngularJS support, Spy-js, a JavaScript and Node.js tracing tool, Integration with Grunt, a JavaScript task runner, PhoneGap/Cordova integration, Integration with Bower, gulp.js, CucumberJS test framework, and Postfix templates for JavaScript.

This release also inherits many features and improvements recently made to IntelliJ Platform, including multiple carets and selections, working with a single file without creating a project, bundled Scratch plugin, and EditorConfig support.

According to the JetBrains blog, "Language injections into PHP literals have been completely reworked to support complex expressions, including a possibility to substitute dynamic parts with sensible values. This is particularly important for working with SQL queries in your project, and yields a significant productivity boost when writing or testing database queries."

The company also says that with every new version PhpStorm, it becomes more refined in all its subsystems and this time that means the introduction of new intentions and inspections, formatting, type inference, and other major improvements including: type inference based on return type of ArrayAccess/Iterator, Markdown support in PHPDoc blocks, and understanding of uniform multi-level arrays.

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