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Larry Ellison Simplifies Mobile Development

Larry Ellison (well, Larry's firm Oracle), has announced an Oracle Mobile Cloud Service intended to enable developers to create and manage mobile friendly APIs. The end result will make it easy for mobile developers to integrate their applications with enterprise data and services.

The Oracle Mobile Cloud Service leverages the firm's own mobile platform for enterprise mobility by allowing developers to build, securely extend any application to any device, and connect to any data source whether it's custom, a packaged application, or a cloud service.

NOTE: Oracle ADF Mobile enables enterprises to rapidly and visually develop single-source applications that leverage Java and HTML5 to deploy and run on both the Apple iOS and Google Android, thus enabling a single application on multiple devices and channels.

"Mobile developers typically have limited experience with effectively integrating their mobile application to enterprise data," said Chris Tonas, vice president, Application Development Tools, Oracle. "Oracle Mobile Cloud Service significantly reduces the complexity of creating backends by separating the client side UI from the backend content and service-side logic application empowering developers, IT, and businesses to focus on creating engaging mobile apps for the enterprise."

Developers can use these tools to incorporate all types of enterprise data — legacy, web services and applications, both on-premises and on the cloud — into mobile applications with Oracle SOA Suite supporting REST and JSON, built-in Coherence caching to reduce latency and cloud adapters to rapidly connect to leading SaaS applications.

NOTE: Teams can securely adopt cloud, mobile and SOA services with Oracle API Gateway by bridging the gaps to secure and manage the interactions between all relevant systems in a standards-based, policy-driven security solution.

"The 'new normal' for enterprises is about having connected services and devices available to us all day, every day," said Suhas Uliyar, vice president, product management, Oracle. "By utilizing Oracle Mobile Platform built on the industry's leading middleware platform, enterprises can create and execute on an enterprise-wide mobile strategy today in compliance with their existing IT infrastructure investments for integration, business process orchestration, and security policies instead of tactical mobile projects or siloed mobile platform implementations."

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