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Salesforce.com Introduces Heroku DX

Salesforce.com has introduced Heroku DX. Standing for Developer eXperience, DX may now become one of the better-known IT industry catchlines. The firm says that one of its core beliefs is that developers do their best work when the development process is as simple, elegant, and as conducive to focus and flow as possible.

Heroku DX features Heroku Button, Heroku Dashboard + Metrics, and Heroku Postgres DbX.

"Many tutorials and sample apps contain step-by-step guides for deploying to Heroku because it is one of the easiest platforms to start on. But we wanted to make it even easier. We wanted step 2 to be: 'There is no step 2' for programmers," said the company.

Heroku Button works so that with a single click you can set up a new app from sample code, complete with environment configuration, add-ons, and the first deploy. Any public GitHub project can be Heroku Button enabled by adding an app.json file with some additional metadata.

At the center of Heroku DX is a new web Dashboard redesigned and written in Ember.js, allowing for faster and smoother interactions. At the surface, a new visual design makes navigating your collection of apps and associated resources and properties simpler. New interaction patterns, such as drag-and-drop app assignment are also here.

According to Salesforce.com, "A new Activity section in Dashboard makes it easier for developers to collaborate. Every activity on every app shows up in the Dashboard so everyone on the team knows what's going on. You can even inspect the build output from team members' builds and help them troubleshoot problems right there in the Dashboard."

A new Metrics section in Dashboard gives you a view on your application's performance. Heroku Metrics surfaces the key runtime attributes of your application, including Response Time, Requests / Sec, and CPU, and adds an intelligence layer that automatically surfaces the key recommendations and performance changes. Unified across a single time axis, the relationship between applications metrics is made clear, allowing you to easily see their interactions.

"At the center of many applications running on Heroku is Heroku Postgres, and as part of the Heroku DX launch, we are releasing one of our most significant upgrades ever to our Postgres Database-as-a-Service. These new Postgres features — or Heroku Postgres DbX — are designed to advance the experience of developing and managing databases in a way that is similar to how Dashboard enhances the other related parts of your developer experience. At the core of Postgres DbX is a new lineup of database plans, which on average offer 2-3X performance of our previous plans while keeping the same price. Premium plans and above also automatically gain encryption at rest, simplifying many compliance requirements," said the Saleforce.com developer team.

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