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Design West Becomes EE Live!

Slated for March 31 through April 3, 2014, at the San Jose Convention Center, EE Live! (a reboot of the DESIGN West event) will feature its major expo floor alongside the flagship Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), in addition to the return of the Black Hat Embedded Security Summit, the new Internet Of Things (IoT) Engineering Summit, and the new Hardware Startup Engineering Summit.

Also new is a series of rigorous, practical engineering boot camps designed for embedded system designers, engineers who deal with the problems of big data centers, developers, and programmers who want to take a deeper dive into the topics of Embedded Android, C++, and FPGAs.

EE Live! now has an even tighter integration with EE Times. Karen Field, Senior Vice President-Editorial Director, EE Times and General Manager of EE Live!, noted that the new name brings the live event into alignment with EE Times. EE Live! 2014 will feature more than 100 technical sessions, hands-on training, and live demos presented by embedded developers, design engineers, and technical experts on the most relevant topics for engineers who are looking to more successfully take their ideas from concept to reality. In addition, the EE Live! exhibition showcases the latest products and technologies and new hands-on training sessions from the industry's most innovative companies. If you wish to submit a speaking proposal for ESC, please submit your abstract here. The deadline is October 18, 2013.

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