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Developers: Program Now For Connected Cars

Code security tools company Klocwork has joined the ecosystem for the QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262 on the basis that millions of lines of code are driving the latest innovations in today's vehicles.

From the engine to brakes, navigation, lighting, entertainment, and safety systems, software is being used by automobile manufacturers and their suppliers to bring cutting-edge features and functionality to their vehicles.

Klocwork's source code analysis tool Insight is designed to offer in-car electronics developers advanced code analysis on their desktop, including deep data flow and structural analysis.

The QNX ecosystem is a network of vendors that offers complementary hardware, toolchains, graphics technologies, and consulting services for safety critical systems. Klocwork Insight offers code analysis, including deep data flow and structural analysis at the desktop as developers write their code.

With Klocwork Insight plugged directly into the QNX Momentics Tool Suite, developers can run analysis in the suite's IDE, allowing them to find and fix security and safety vulnerabilities as they go.

"Application security and functional safety requirements in the automotive world continue to grow as the degree of automation in vehicles increases. More intelligent vehicles mean more software in those vehicles. The number of suppliers to the auto manufacturers will continue to grow as the demand for more consumer convenience grows. [Developers need] to produce compelling new applications with the confidence that they are protected and dependable," said Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork CTO.

"Klocwork Insight brings immense value to the QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262. It provides real-time feedback during code development, immediately alerting developers to code that may conflict with the MISRA coding standards required by ISO 26262," said Grant Courville, director of product management, QNX Software Systems.

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