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Intel Rides Hadoop Into Deeper Jungle

Intel has brought together a number of announcements concentrated around its datacenter software products. New this month is Intel Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop software v2.0, Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software 3.0, Intel Analytics Toolkit for Apache Hadoop software, and the Intel Expressway Tokenization Broker.

In the quest for "actionable big data insight", Intel datacenter division VP Boyd Davis says that Intel Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop software v2.0 (available in January 2014) is a set of pre-built libraries that enable automated construction of rich graph representations that can model real-world problems and support a wide variety of third-party graph databases, analytic engines, and visualization tools.

Moving on then, Intel Analytics Toolkit for Apache Hadoop software is Intel asking developers to "embrace machine learning techniques" and reduce the complexity associated with implementing predictive modeling tools.

The toolkit provides a foundation of common algorithms such as graphs and network-based clustering, which IT teams can build on and customize with domain-specific code.

"The easy-to-deploy algorithms are broad enough to be applied to multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, and retail. For example, an e-commerce retailer that wants to create a personalization engine to predict the behavior of customers based on their history of clickstream data can use the Intel Analytics Toolkit for Apache Hadoop software as the foundational code, adding customized features on top to save time and money," said Intel's Davis.

This distribution for Apache Hadoop includes a number of security enhancements to Apache Hadoop 2.x, delivering what Intel claims to be "up to 20 times faster encryption" as well as decryption of data at rest, transparent encryption of data in process in HBase, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig applications, as well as granular cell-level access control of data in HBase. The latest release also supports the open source implementation of the high availability feature in HDFS that removes the NameNode as the single point of failure.

"Improper management of data such as credit-card account numbers and other personal identification information can violate compliance regulations and increase auditing costs. The new Intel Expressway Tokenization Broker High Capacity Edition offers enterprises a simple drop-in gateway appliance that can support 1 billion tokens with high performance and cross-datacenter resiliency. The appliance reduces compliance risk by anonymizing and encrypting regulated data in-flight," said the company.

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