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Qt Mobile Edition Has Optimized Cloud Backend

At Qt Developer Days 2013 Berlin, Digia has announced the Qt Mobile Edition, a cross-platform development offering for Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms. Qt Mobile promises multi-platform application development with a built-in Qt-optimized cloud backend service, Enginio.

Through the Enginio Qt API, developers can write native or hybrid applications for all your target platforms — the API can be used either through Qt/C++ or through a QML API. As with all Qt libraries, it is exactly the same code for all the target platforms.

Qt Mobile Edition will be available later this year following the release of the next major update to the framework, Qt 5.2, in December. Digia reminds us that Qt is the only software development framework that enables native application development across desktop, embedded, and mobile platforms supporting deployment on at least 14 leading operating systems across many processor architectures.

NOTE: Qt supports Android, iOS, and many challenger mobile OS platforms together with all major desktop operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and embedded operating systems such as embedded Linux, embedded Android, Windows Embedded, and RTOS.

Qt Mobile Edition Key Features

  • Qt Mobile Edition libraries and development tools for unbeatable native performance and maximum developer efficiency
  • Cross-platform environment for Android & iOS app development plus other mobile platforms to be added soon
  • Cloud data storage and user management (Enginio Qt Cloud)
  • Commercial development and deployment license protecting development investments and simplifying application distribution

Tommi Laitinen, SVP of international products, Digia Qt, commented, "Qt's ability to deliver impressive graphics is enhanced by the use of OpenGL ES, the version of the graphics application programming interface designed specifically for mobile devices and embedded systems. This makes it easier to develop and deploy rich graphics with velvet-like animations and transitions as well as smoothly rendered 2D and 3D animations on devices with relatively limited performance, such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition to the versatile Qt APIs, applications built with Qt can also use platform and device-specific APIs, giving the developer the freedom to integrate any functionality their application requires."

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