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Embedded Systems

The Best of 2011

Jolt Awards: The Best Books
Managing Memory on iOS
Getting Started with the Cloud: The Ecosystem
4 Useful New Features in C++ 11
A Gentle Introduction to OpenCL
A Base Class for Intrusively Reference-Counted Objects in C++
Real-Time Ready Java
Android on the Block
Lax Language Tutorials
Java Meets Objective-C


Ken Thompson (C and UNIX)
Martin Odersky (Scala)
Brian Behlendorf (Apache and Contributing to OSS)
Herb Sutter (C++)

Apple iOS

Managing Memory on iOS
Automating True iOS Application Testing
Implementing Two-Way Tables in iOS
Displaying Tabular Data on iOS

Languages of the Month

Intel Cilk Plus

Projects of the Month

Open Stack (Cloud Management)
Xtext (DSL Creation)
Thucydides (Acceptance Test Management)
FoneMonkey (iOS Testing)


Martin Odersky on Scala
RAD Studio XE2
I, Robot
Embardero's David Intersimone on App Development
RunRev's Kevin Miller
Wolfram|Alpha Widgets


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