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Jolt Awards

2006 Jolt Awards

Enterprise Project Management

WelcomRisk 2.6
Welcom (www.welcom.com)

Welcom's Rachel Moen and Doug Hall

Rachel Moen & Doug Hall

Typical project management tools let you run Monte Carlo simulations to determine best- and worst-case completion costs. However, they don't always explicitly articulate why worst cases happen. Welcom's WelcomRisk captures the "why" part of worst cases, as they affect components and subsystems.

It also captures the proposed cost and time of multiple potential remediation strategies for each of those burps and weighs these in a disciplined way that allows detection of what I call the "risk of a risk." Additionally, should some burp happen when one of the remediation scenarios is applied, an iterative rerun of WelcomRisk will rerank new subordinate risks (can you say "unintended consequences") of that remediation. It will do all of this, both within and across projects. Welcom makes your project plan much more solid.

—Roland Racko

Productivity Award Winners

Corticon Business Rules Management 4.0
Corticon (www.corticon.com)

Modelers of business rules are always left with the feeling that they've missed something—and rightfully so. Business rules can be highly complex, ambiguous, or indeterminate in unforeseen ways. Corticon solves this problem by rooting out missing, ambiguous, looping, or conflicting rules. Corticon's dissection of errors can lead to a complete rethinking of what the most effective and simple business policy might be.

—Roland Racko

JBoss 2 Portal
JBoss (www.jboss.com)

Enterprise Portals were once the sole province of expensive specialized products characterized by proprietary APIs with hefty on-going costs. JBoss Portal2 forms the underlying core of an enterprise portal including content management, collaboration tools and user administration for file and directory manipulation functions, document versioning, message boards, support for both filesystem- and data-based content repositories, user account management, and the like.

—Peter Westerman

Visual Studio Team System 2005
Microsoft (msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/teamsystem)

Visual Studio Team System provides an extensible environment for swapping out Microsoft's somewhat rudimentary foundations with best of breed, enterprise-class design, configuration management, and testing suites. As such, VSTS has facilitated the agility to meet the changing demands of the marketplace in a single IDE for Windows developers.

—Mike Riley

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