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Jolt Awards

Jolt Awards: The Judges

Scott W. Ambler
Scott W. Ambler is the Practice Leader Agile Development at IBM Corporation. He works in the IBM Methods group developing process materials and travels the world helping clients understand and adopt the software processes which are right for them. Scott is an award-winning author of several books, including books focused on the Unified Process, agile software development, the Unified Modeling language, and CMM-based development. Scott is a regular speaker at international IT conferences and is a contributing editor with Dr. Dobb's. He can be contacted at here.

Andrew Binstock
Andrew Binstock is the principal analyst at Pacific Data Works, a technology research and analysis firm in San Carlos, CA.

Robert DelRossi
Robert A. DelRossi is presently Chief Operations Officer at Rocket Gaming Systems, which specializes in hardware and software solutions for the gaming industry. He was previously president of TurboPower Software Company, an award-winning developer of programming tools, libraries, and components. Robert has written for a variety of technical periodicals since 1990 including Byte, InfoWorld, and Software Development magazine. He's been a Jolt Judge since 1997. You can reach him at [email protected]

David Dossot
David Dossot has worked as a software engineer and architect for more than 12 years. He is a Software Architect for Riptown.com in Vancouver, BC, and a founder of Agile Partner SA in Luxembourg. He now enjoys the character-building weather of southwestern Canada. Contact him at [email protected] or through his web site at dossot.net.

Gary K. Evans
Gary K. Evans is a nationally-known agile process evangelist, object technology mentor, instructor, and course developer, and is the founder of Evanetics, Inc. (evanetics.com). He is actively engaged in the Agile Software Development community, and he has published over a dozen articles for various technical magazines, including The Rational Edge. He was a Contributing Editor for Software Development magazine (now Dr. Dobb's Journal) and writes on agile software process, development methods and object-oriented CASE tools.

Roberto Galoppini
A computer industry insider of 15+ years standing, Roberto is a commercial open source evangelist, founder of Acme Solutions, and founder of one of the first European Open Source Firms consortia (CIRS). He takes an active interest in several free/open source software organizations, including serving on the Advisory Board of the SourceForge Marketplace and acting as the Institutional Relationship Manager for the OpenOffice.org Italian Association. Since 2004 he has researched the economics of Open Source software, collaborating with universities and EC funded research projects. He is also a technical writer for IT and computer-related magazines. He blogs at robertogaloppini.net.

Seth Grimes
Seth Grimes is a business intelligence and decision systems expert. He is founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit, contributing editor at Intelligent Enterprise magazine, and principal consultant at Washington DC-based Alta Plana Corporation. Seth consults, writes, and speaks on information-systems strategy, data management and analysis systems, industry trends, and emerging analytical technologies.

Jon Kurz
Jon Kurz is a software architect for Nicor Gas in Chicago. Jon has experience with .Net, Java, Oracle, and SQL, among other technologies, and has also done research on artificial intelligence. In addition to computer languages, Jon is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Rosalyn Lum
Rosalyn Lum has been with the Jolts for more than 6 years. As technical editor for Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Software Development Magazine, she closely followed the trends and innovations in software development. She has held development positions in artificial intelligence, data analysis and enterprise systems.

Chris Minnick
Chris Minnick is the founder, CEO, and fearless leader of Minnick Web Services, LLC. A Web developer and Web entrepreneur since the mid-90s, Chris has written books and articles and online courses on a wide range of topics including: e-commerce, e-business, Web design, XML, application servers, digital photography, and time travel. His blog entries and occasionally syndicated column, Web 8.0, can be read at chrisminnick.com.

Larry O'Brien
Larry O'Brien is a software engineering consultant living on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The founding Editor of Software Development and Game Developer magazines, he was also Editor of Computer Language and AI Expert. During the dot-com years, O'Brien served in a variety of technical and executive positions at a series of startups whose only commonality was that they all became stop-downs. Today, O'Brien's writing appears in a number of online and print outlets, including DevX, the developer sites of both Intel and AMD, and in SD Times, for which he writes the "Windows & .NET Watch" column. He blogs at knowing.net/.

Gary Pollice
Gary Pollice is a self-labeled curmudgeon (that's a crusty, ill- tempered, usually old man) who spent over 35 years in industry trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. Gary is a Professor of Practice (meaning he had a real job before becoming a professor) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he has been corrupting the minds of the next generation of software developers with radical ideas like, "develop software for your customer, learn how to work as part of a team, design and code quality and elegance and correctness counts, and it's okay to be a nerd as long as you are a great one." You can see what he's up to by visiting http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~gpollice/.

Roland Racko
Roland Racko, President of eWyzard Inc., is a veteran international lecturer and consultant currently specializing in procurement, provisioning and infrastructure architecture for large global Linux based server complexes, recently for such companies as Merrill Lynch and Asurion. He was a Contributing Editor for Software Development magazine (now Dr. Dobb's Journal) and his various writings have been anthologized in several books.eWyzard Inc. has done consumer and software tools product evaluations and design under contract from such companies as Tivo, IBM, Philips, Dragon Systems, Sharp, Sun, HSN, Amdahl and a variety of software tools vendors. He may be reached at http://www.ewyzard.com/eWyzard/services.html.

Mike Riley
Mike Riley is a frequent contributor to several technical publications and specializes in emerging technologies and new development trends. Previously, he was employed by RR Donnelley as the company's Chief Scientist, where he was responsible for determining innovative technical approaches that improved the company's internal and external content services. Mike was also the co-host of Computer Connection (a technology enthusiast show broadcast), a contributing author to the Open eBook publication Structure Specification, and Executive Vice President of what is currently known as the Ziff Davis Media Game Group.

Rick Wayne
Rick Wayne has never satisfactorily explained how a B.A. in journalism and biology qualifies him for a software career. Since 1988, he's worked on (among other things) FTIR spectroscopy, 3D CAD and animation, and now Pig Poop From Hell. (His advice on living near a CLO: "Downwind is bad. Downhill is worse.") You can reach him at [email protected]

Peter Westerman
Peter Westerman is Vice President of Marketing and Web Services for Preclick, a media asset management software company that builds software for major corporations. Peter has more than 20 years of experience in the software and media industries. He is a former publisher of Microsoft Systems Journal, Software Development Magazine, Dr. Dobb's Journal, and CMP Technology's developer-oriented web sites. His recent technical focus has been on development of end-user tools for information discovery, storage and organization. He blogs periodically at hazyhotandhumid.com on technical topics and hosts his own search engine for programmers.

Michael Yuan
Dr. Michael Yuan is a technologist focusing on enterprise software and mobile phone applications. He is the author of four books, including JBoss Seam published by Prentice Hall and Nokia Smartphone Hacks published by O'Reilly. He made significant contribution to high-profile open source projects such as the JBoss Seam Framework, JBoss Tools project, the Mozilla Joey project, as well as a number of other projects. He is also a frequent speaker in conferences such as JavaOne, SD Best Practices, TSSJS, Web Services EDGE, and NFJS. Michael currently works for a startup company, ezee inc., to develop mobile phone applications for consumers and enterprises. Prior to ezee, Michael was a product manager at JBoss/Red Hat.

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