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DHTMLX 4.0 Released

DHX has released DHTMLX 4.0, a complete JavaScript UI library. The company is a specialist in JavaScript and HTML5 UI widgets and libraries. The open source DHTMLX suite (or dhtmlxSuite) is a JavaScript GUI widget library for building web applications with desktop-like user experience and Ajax data loading.

Along with the bug fixes and speed improvements you would expect mentioned, the new release also brings "smooth rendering" and improved look and feel provided by the redesigned skins. The online Skin Builder tool is also updated and now you can adjust the colors and fonts of the new skins accordingly to your design needs.

One of the important updates is the common way of data loading for all DHTMLX components, which (says DHX), makes the development with DHTMLX easier and faster. The list of UI widgets is also complemented with a new component — dhtmlxRibbon.

According to the DHX product update blog, "We have completely overwritten all container-based components (such as Layout, Windows, Accordion, Tabbar). You definitely will notice faster loading, smoother graphics, and more convenient and simplified customization options."

The company also says that it has improved the patterns logic in dhtmlxLayout, and it has added/enabled some animation effects for dhtmlxTabbar and dhtmlxAccordion to make them look more modern and smooth.

The new UI widget — dhtmlxRibbon — adds the ability to group toolbar buttons into tabs and blocks. This component supports different button types (button, two-state button, checkboxes, combobox, input, text, etc.) and can be easily attached to any container component.

With this release there is also updated documentation. The new search feature is intended to allow users to find the necessary information much faster. Although dhtmlxVault is not part of the dhtmlxSuite package, the file upload widget has been also updated to be compatible with DHTMLX 4.0.

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