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Do You Burn From JavaScript Churn?

There's an old saying in marketing and public relations: When there's no news, do a survey, market report, or study. Despite this naysaying in the face of what is arguably over-used industry fluff and puff, ThoughtWorks would have us believe that its so-called "technology radar" tracker is still worth its salt.

The firm claims to have produced an "honest assessment of trends significantly impacting software development and business strategy" that developers should pay attention to.

Company CTO Dr. Rebecca Parsons and ThoughtWorks' technology advisory board member Neal Ford encourage companies to create their own radar, enabling (in theory) a more proactive approach to technology choices.

"Having a radar helps people think about which technologies they should investigate, when to be more or less aggressive about adoption, and allows for more intelligent decision making," said Ford.

The notable themes in this edition of Technology Radar include churn in the JavaScript world — JavaScript used to be a "condiment technology," says ThoughtWorks, and always used to augment other technologies. It has kept that role but expanded into its own platform with a staggering rate of change.

Also worth thinking about are microservices and the rise of the API. "We are seeing an incredible amount of interest in microservice architectures, as well as an emphasis on the importance of the API both within an organization and as a bridge to the outside world," said Parsons.

Also of note is Conway's Law — some companies are mired in siloed structures that add needless friction to engineering efforts, while more enlightened companies use team organization to drive the kinds of architectures they want. And finally, re-decentralization, where over 90% of the world's email moves through just 10 providers. Prompted in part by revelations about the U.S.'s stranglehold on Internet infrastructure, and a desire to maintain more individual and organizational control, ThoughtWorks sees a new trend in "re-decentralization" of both data and infrastructure.

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