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Java 8 Adoption Poll Results

April 04, 2014

Dr. Dobb's ran in informal poll in Andrew Binstock's Java 8 Arrives! editorial last week, questioning intended Java 8 adoption plans among readers.

At the time of writing, we've had a few hundred respondents and the results are posted in the graphic below. Interestingly, the biggest block of adoptees expect to start using Java 8 within the month, and more than half of all intended adoptees plan on doing so within the next 90 days.

Java 8 adoption plans

While the sample size is admittedly small, the results do suggest a great interest in the new features, perhaps even a pent-up demand for them. While Lambda expressions and Spliterators are deservedly receiving the most coverage, Java 8 also includes more flexibility in applying type annotations, the Nashorn JavaScript engine, library enhancements, a selection of profiles and VMs that can be customized, and much more. That's a lot of sugar for a language update.

On the flip side, tricky security update issues can still plague developers even with Java 8. See Eric Bruno's Java and Network Port Restrictions for more on that.

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