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JavaScript Utopia For Mobile App Developers

TigerLogic Omnis Studio version 6.0 is a JavaScript client platform for development of web and mobile enterprise applications for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows-`based devices, all from one code base.

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This new version 6.0 release boasts "tighter integration with native device functionality" and is positioned as a high-performance visual RAD tool using scripting compatible with HTML5 and CSS3.

This platform has over 30 ready-made JavaScript components for building forms-based data-driven applications that integrate with "all leading backend databases" for access to enterprise system data.

TigerLogic's Bob Whiting points out Omnis Studio 6.0's suitability for building apps for web and mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

"Use of native wrappers for each device helps speed development and application deployment, plus it creates a consistent user experience when accessing device functions. Combine this with a single development code base and you have a 'utopia' for mobile app developers, offering the best of all things. We believe developers will find Omnis Studio 6.0 a compelling proposition for creating web and mobile applications and for providing solutions across all industries and markets," said Whiting.

Omnis Studio 6.0 includes support for serverless or "offline" capabilities that enable a mobile device application to operate even when connection to the Internet is intermittent or completely absent.

In "online" mode, Omnis mobile application data and content can be synchronized with a database server once connection is re-established. The new SQL Worker Objects process time-consuming tasks in the background. Enhancements to web and mobile form properties allow applications to dynamically resize and adapt to any device browser window.

A new device control enables tighter integration with mobile device features such as camera functions and GPS services, while the use of high-resolution images enrich applications for high-definition screens. New localization enhancements support multi-language applications to allow developers to reach broader markets.

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