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JVM Languages

JVM Language Summit 2011 Videos - Presentation Slides

The JVM Language Summit is an annual event sponsored by Oracle, attended by implementers of JVM-based languages and programming tools. This page has the slides for all the presentations at this year's event. Below is also a link to the video presentations.

Lecture Title Author Slides
invokedynamic and Jython Shashank Bharadwaj PDF
Debugging in 2011 Preshant Deva PDF
Project Fortress: Bytecode as Intermediate Representation Christine Flood PDF
JSR-292 Cookbook Rémi Forax PDF
From Lambdas to Bytecodes Brian Goetz PDF
Virtual Extension Methods Brian Goetz PDF
Method Handle Implementation Tips and Tricks Dan Heidinga PDF
Language Features As A Library (Gosu) Carson Gross PDF
The Case for Interface Injections Tobias Ivarsson PDF
The Kotlin Programming Language Andrey Breslav & Dmitry Jemerov PDF
Adventures in JSR 292 (Nashorn) Jim Laskey PDF
Adding invokedynamic Support to JRuby Charles Nutter PDF
JVM Language Summit — Getting Started Guide Cameron Purdy PDF
A Trace-JIT Compiler for the JVM Sunil Puri PDF
Rtalk - Smalltalk on the JVM Mark Roos PDF
Method Handles and Beyond... John Rose PDF
Moving Java Forward Georges Saab PDF
Dynamic Linker Framework for JVM Languages Attila Szegedi PDF
Asynchronous Programming in .NET Mads Torgersen PDF
Graal - A Bytecode Agnostic Compiler for the JVM Thomas Wuerthinger PDF

Presentations from the JVM Language Summit

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