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Oracle Aligns Java To Internet Of Things

The M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT (Internet Of Things) ecosystems are Oracle's next target growth areas for Java ME Micro Edition Embedded.

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The firm has announced the latest releases Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 and Oracle Java ME Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.3, a pairing described as a complete client Java runtime and toolkit optimized for microcontrollers and other "resource-constrained" devices.

Java ME Embedded now boasts of good support for popular embedded chip architectures and new binaries for ARM architecture-based developer boards, including the Raspberry Pi and the Keil STM32 F200 Evaluation Board for ARM Cortex-M processor-based devices.

"We are committed to delivering a single, modern Java development platform for our customers that extends from device to datacenter," said Nandini Ramani, vice president of development, Java, Oracle.

Ramani explains that significant improvements for device APIs increases the range and number of external peripherals that can be integrated and addressed by applications built on Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3. In addition, this release provides runtime monitoring and logging enhancements.

Addressing the need for strong communications support in the IoT, Oracle Java ME Embedded 3.3 is said to provide greater connectivity between "edge devices" and a wide array of network peripherals and systems, along with increased I/O and network monitoring capabilities.

NOTE: An edge device is any piece of hardware capable of passing packets of information between a legacy network such as an Ethernet network and an asynchronous transfer network (ATM) — so examples include units such as a router, switch, multiplexer, or integrated access device (IAD). Edge devices are also detailed as those devices capable of providing connections into carrier and service provider networks.

VP of M2M & embedded technology at VDC Research Chris Rommel has said that the "edge devices" under development today must also be designed to become tomorrow's channels for post-deployment software and service delivery.

"More than ever, engineering organizations should consider new, integrated development solutions that can both offer an opportunity to focus internal resource investments on application-level differentiation, as well as establish a platform for net new revenue generation," he said.

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