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Sencha GXT 3.1 For Java-Based HTML5

HTML5 development company Sencha has announced its Sencha GXT 3.1 UI framework for building web-based apps with Java. GXT 3.1 comes with a new Theme Builder tool and support for Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.6.

This is a move by Sencha towards giving programmers a route using "highly optimized" HTML5 and JavaScript that will be compatible across both legacy and modern browsers.

So to Theme Builder, a new tool for theming GXT applications, this means developers can choose from more than 350 configuration properties to create and save their configuration files to generate a theme at the framework level that can be reused for all apps.

Developers who prefer to use a template can use the new Neptune Theme, which is generated entirely within Theme Builder without custom HTML, CSS, images, or Java. Theme Builder requires Java 7, but the code generated using Theme Builder also supports Java 6.

"As the number of browsers and versions continues to grow, application developers must ensure that their apps are not only compatible across operating systems, but also across browser versions. Theme Builder streamlines browser compatibility by generating appearances that can be used across both modern and legacy browsers. If a browser does not support certain features, Theme Builder generates images of those features in place of modern CSS and HTML," said the company.

Sencha VP Jeff Hartley suggests that today's application developers must balance a wide range of visual and compatibility factors when designing apps. He explains that GXT 3.1 provides new support for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.6 which, "Empowers developers to write their applications in Java, then compile their code into cross-browser HTML5 and JavaScript. GXT 3.1 is fully interoperable with GWT 2.6 and enhances its capabilities by providing high-performance features including widgets, feature-rich templates and advanced charting. Users should note that support for GWT 2.4 and 2.5 will no longer be provided with GXT's version 3.1."

Sencha GXT 3.1 is available under both open source and commercial license options.

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