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BroadSoft Announces Voice Mashup Contest Winners

VoIP application software provider BroadSoft has announced the winners of its Xtended Voice Mashup Contest. The competition challenged Web 2.0 and telecom developers to combine BroadWorks VoIP features with other Web-based services, including customer relationship management tools, business collaboration, and social networking sites. Telephony applications such as SMS, voicemail, fax and mobile clients also qualified for submission.

The winners are:

  • Disaster Dispatcher. The first place winner was created by Thomas Howe Company who built a voice mashup that integrates Twitter, BroadWorks, and RSS feeds to provide a one-window communications tool for emergency operators. By keeping all data in one window, emergency personnel can analyze the collection of information after the emergency to optimize response procedures. The first place winner receives $5,000 and a trip to BroadSoft Connections 2008.
  • Project ARCTIC. Second place was won by telecom carrier WorldXchange Australia. Project ARCTIC improves the accounts receivable process within organizations. It leverages low cost methods to notify customers of past due accounts and ensures greater probability by providing reminders so bills are paid on time. The second place winner receives $2,000 in cash and a trip to BroadSoft Connections.
  • QuickSet. The third place prize went to Joseph Farrar who's QuickSet lets Windows and Mac OS X users access their BroadWorks services via a simple desktop interface. The interface is powered by the Adobe AIR platform which provides the ability to run Flash applications on the desktop. The third place winner receives $1,000 in cash and a complimentary pass to BroadSoft Connections.

"The ability to create mashups of Web services with voice features allows developers to quickly and easily create applications that positively impact public safety, business processes and other communication functions in ways that have not yet been possible," said BroadSoft's Michael Tessler. "Voice and Web 2.0 communication mashups are enabling innovation across all industries, allowing them to operate more efficiently."

The winning applications will be made available for download on the BroadSoft Xtended Marketplace.

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