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Free Mobile Developer Tool To Customize Photo Sharing

Multi-channel intelligence algorithm company RadiumOne has announced Photo Effects, a free mobile developer tool to customize photo sharing and effects functionality in applications.

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The Photo Effects tool is also integrated into popular apps like Voto, FriendCaster, and Trendyful. RadiumOne claims that through these types of partnerships, Photo Effects already reaches 20+ million active users and that in-app purchase revenue for developers has hit a record high of 76% of all U.S. iPhone app revenue.

"Photo Effects enables app developers to keep 100 percent of the revenue generated from premium in-app purchases and mobile advertising," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO at RadiumOne.

"Popular apps like Path and Line have reported a staggering adoption of photo effects features like the ability to add stickers onto photographs. Stickers are becoming so popular with consumers that even Facebook has recently introduced its new Sticker Store," said the company.

RadiumOne's Photo Effects includes photo filters, borders, scenes, stickers, and text effects that can be customized and seamlessly integrated into mobile applications.

The filters and effects were created by professional photographers and graphic designers — each feature can be tailored to a specific app audience, and the server-driven effects library enables developers to publish their own effects without forcing users to download any updates.

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