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GoLife Mobile Releases Beta of Its OS Framework

GoLife Mobile has released a beta version of its GoLife Mobile framework. The beta launch consists of a device neutral object-oriented framework designed to enable the rapid creation and distribution of widgets. The technology is available to beta testers through two widget applications -- GoSocial and StreetNewz, mobile-to-anything messaging. The beta release is available for most Java-enabled phones: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG.

Widgets, or applets as they are sometimes referred to, are mini applications that allow for content to be easily accessed. For more on information on mobile widgets, see Mobile Widgets and the Internet Experience, by Craig Cumberland.

"GoLife Mobile has created a framework for a Life Operating System that will make mobile devices all over the world more useful in everyday life," said Golife's James Whitley. "The GoLife framework is built for how we live and provides the foundation to support an infinite number of applications for users and marketing channels for advertisers. We move far beyond simple mobile WAP pages and provide a feature rich graphical interface in a very small payload. GoSocial and StreetNewz are the first two applications and early examples of our technology in-the-works."

"For mobile lifestyle to truly exist, anyone in society should have the opportunity to participate in their own financial and technical terms, whether you have software development skills or not," added Mounir Shita. "Our architecture significantly reduces the traditional hurdles in mobile application development so that in the future even a non-technical person will be able to create their own compelling lifestyle widgets."

Downloads of the beta version of GoLife Mobile and the two lifestyle widgets are available at the company's web site.

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