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Google Treasure Hunt Winners Announced

Winners in the 2008 Google Treasure Hunt competition. More than 100,000 people worldwide tackled the Google-designed puzzles, with correct answers coming from more than 30 countries and five different continents.

Congratulations to grand prize winner, Sophia Dichomides, whose speed and skill won her a MacBook Air. Also congratulations to all of the other contestants solved all four puzzles the fastest.

Grand Prize (MacBook Air winner)

  • Sophia Dichomides (Australia)

First Mates (iPod Touch winners)

  • Alok Ladsariya (India)
  • David Bidorff (France)
  • Vincent Zanotti (France)

Second Mates (iPod Nano winners)

  • Alex North (Australia)
  • Alicja Krajnik (Poland)
  • Artur Makutunowicz (Poland)
  • Benoit Boissinot (France)
  • David Poblador (Spain)
  • Dmitry Kim (Russia)
  • Graham Dennis (Australia)
  • Gregorio Guidi (Italy)
  • Jared Brothers (USA)
  • Jrmy Selier (France)
  • Kartikaya Gupta (Canada)
  • Lucas Bergman (USA)
  • Mariano Faraco (Argentina)
  • Matthew Imhoff (Australia)
  • Nathan Kitchen (USA)
  • Nelson Castillo (Colombia)
  • Paul Cowan (Australia)
  • Perry Lorier (New Zealand)
  • Qiang Fu (Australia)
  • Tanaeem Moosa (Bangladesh)
  • Xun Baldauf (Germany)

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