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Microgen Revamps Business Process Platform

Microgen has launched three new modules for its flagship Business Process Platform, Microgen Aptitude 3.0, which was first introduced in June 2010

The new modules include Microgen Aptitude DBClarity — a new in-database analytics capability for database-intensive applications with a graphical interface to provide better transparency and auditability for nonprogrammers.The company says that its recent performance improvement have been brought about the adoption of Microgen’s own "fast enrichment process," for which a patent has been filed.

A third additional module has also been brought online, Microgen Aptitude BPD & SOA Orchestration — this is said to enable SOA orchestration from entities within the Business Process Diagram (BPD) providing the ability to merge new and old technologies, such as the integration of cloud services with legacy systems to create an agile environment that can respond rapidly to the speed of business change.

Asked to justify what the product's real USPs are and how it is differentiated from in-database analytics offerings from other vendors, Martin Redington, Microgen's director of product management said, "The key difference with Microgen Aptitude DBClarity from another solution like Sybase is the graphical nature of the analysis. Being able to write rules for analysis and data processing in a graphical format provides an extra layer of transparency that other offerings don't provide. Microgen Aptitude is positioned for enterprise class, high volume applications and is typically deployed on Oracle and/or Teradata databases designed for these extreme volumes."

"The three new modules are brand new and, if purchased, come fully integrated with Microgen Aptitude. They all provide significant pieces of functionality that previously didn't exist. Rather than simply being 'add ons' they complete the product by allowing organizations to build complete applications for an agile IT environment through a common graphical interface," he added.

The company claims that the modules have been developed in response to the fact that all big industry sectors — finance, digital media, utility and telecommunications— are having to deal with ever increasing volumes, and as a result, need to be able to operate efficiently in high transaction environments.

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