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Sony Ericsson Announces 2008 Content Competition

Sony Ericsson Announces 2008 Content Awards

Sony Ericsson has kicked off it second annual Sony Ericsson Content Awards. Designed to honor outstanding achievements in mobile content development, the 2008 awards are open to all mobile developers who have created content, applications, or services for Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Beginning now and through November 30, 2008, developers can enter their submissions via the Sony Ericsson Content Awards website. Finalists will be selected in December and the 2008 winners will be announced in an official online ceremony on February 5, 2009.

Judges will evaluate the nominees based on ease-of-use, entertainment factor, innovation, look-and-feel, uniqueness, creativity, and audio performance, the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards will celebrate achievements in seven categories:

  • Being Productive. E-mail, Web, document editing, and other tools for working while on-the-go easier.
  • Going Green.
  • In-Car applications.
  • Mobile Entertainment. Games, video, music.
  • Lifestyle Experiences. Managing schedules, e-commerce, social connections, and the like.
  • Themes and Graphics. Intuitive and innovative designs that allow users to personalize their experience.
  • XPERIA X1 Panels. Sony Ericsson is challenging developers and content creators to develop XPERIA panels for its eagerly anticipated Sony Ericsson X1 phone using tools from Sony Ericsson Developer World. Featuring a touch screen, the X1 phone displays nine XPERIA Panels simultaneously and they expand to show a group of short-cuts, whole applications, web services, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Winners of the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards will be taken to Lund, Sweden, for a behind-the-scenes two-day mobile content workshop where they will have the opportunity to network and share resources with developers and executives from Sony Ericsson.

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