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Telerik Widens End-to-End Developer Portfolio

Software development solutions provider Telerik has reached what it calls the first quarterly milestone release of 2011 for its developer productivity tools portfolio. The company's toolset now includes the commercial debut of its RadControls for Windows Phone,billed as the "industry's first" third-party toolset for Windows Phone 7. This new addition sits alongside Telerik OpenAccess ORM and enhancements to Telerik JustCode, an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

CEO Svetozar Georgiev claims that his company's unique selling point hinges around Telerik technology's ability to deliver integrated solutions combined with a rapid release cycle. "Telerik's tools and technologies remove barriers to entry for developers at every level, allowing teams of any size to realize their full potential and achieve greater levels of success. With new controls like RadGauge, SparkLine, and BulletGraph, mobile app developers can immediately jump into development, shortening time-to-market and increasing opportunities for app-based revenues," he said.

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Telerik's Q1 2011 release will offer new features and upgraded functionalities, including a complete user interface (UI) toolbox of super-light controls for building rich mobile applications. The company has positioned this advancement as a key benefit for developers tackling challenges such as data visualization.

"Developers benefit from easy access to forward-looking tools and resources that enrich, extend, and add value to the Visual Studio experience," said Dave Mendlen, developer marketing at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased to see Telerik's commitment to elevating the software development process continues unabated."

Telerik is also releasing upgrades to JustCode, its agile Microsoft Visual Studio code analysis and refactoring add-in and OpenAccess ORM, the company's enterprise-grade .NET data tool. New to JustCode is a decompiling feature, enabling users to browse deep into assemblies to view source code not otherwise available without leaving the Visual Studio environment. Also being unveiled are code-cleaning functions, which minimize unnecessary code through automated formatting and code style-sharing to allow settings to be shared across a development team.

Other features and capabilities being introduced to Telerik's developer productivity product line include new web parts for SharePoint, additional extensions and controls, better mobile device support, WinForms compatibility with Microsoft Active Accessibility, design-time upgrades, and expanded reporting functionality.

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