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TeleSign "Free" SDK For Two-Factor Authentication

TeleSign is an outfit we should know as a "mobile identity company" and the firm has this month launched its AuthID Kit free SDK for web and mobile application developers to securely embed advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), within their native mobile applications.

TeleSign is providing AuthID Kit for free for TeleSign customers with consumer-facing applications.

Available as a mobile developer SDK for both iOS and Android, AuthID Kit provides developers with a suite of authentication tools they can use to secure online account access, verify transactions, and recover accounts for their end users.

The suggestion here is that application developers get a more secure mechanism for securing user accounts and data from potential compromise by hackers, while maintaining control over their product user experience and brand identity.

"Delivered as an SDK, TeleSign AuthID Kit provides complete flexibility in how all verification and authentication functionality and notifications are built into a customer's application and presented to the end user," said Steve Jillings, CEO, TeleSign. "We built TeleSign AuthID Kit to allow application developers to help solve this problem by easily embedding 2FA security directly into their existing mobile apps. We have removed many of the complexities a developer may face as they strive to raise assurance and make applications and websites more secure for all users."

Since the SDK uses a data stream instead of SMS or voice messages for handling authentication, there are "no ongoing transactional costs" incurred to authenticate logins or verify transactions.

"TeleSign AuthID Kit is designed to offer a complementary method of performing verification and authentication of users, during account access, usage, and recovery, to using SMS and Voice. Customers can configure how and when to use mobile application-based authentication versus SMS or Voice," said Jillings. "TeleSign AuthID Kit uses any data stream, including Wi-Fi, and therefore can handle verification and authentication of account access and transactions even when out of carrier signal range. You could be on a plane at 36,000 feet and users can still authenticate access."

TeleSign AuthID Kit includes detailed reporting and analytics for all verification and authentication events. It is available as an SDK for both iOS (version 6.x and higher) and Android (version 4.1.x and higher).

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