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TestPlant Is The eggMan, And The eggBox

TestPlant has used its appearance at IBM Innovate to launch of two new tools for desktop and mobile testing functions. With Beatlesque and dairy-themed naming conventions, the eggMan and eggBox products extend the eggPlant range to include a manual testing tool and an appliance to create an "instant testing lab", or testing center of excellence.

So what are these products? First, eggMan is a free tool for manual test engineers that will connect with any system, locally or remotely. It is compatible with eggCloud, which provides secure and scheduled connection to devices anywhere on a private cloud.

eggMan includes a free test automation tutorial with access to online documentation and videos.

Second, eggBox delivers a new iOS Gateway in an appliance, which also contains a switchable option list of eggCloud, eggPlant Manager, and eggIntegration.

"It is a test lab in a box and responds to the need for instant, robust, and enterprise controlled testing tools. eggBox works in all operating system environments, is designed both for desktop and mobile testing, and deploys tools available to in-house or offshore test resources," said Antony Edwards, TestPlant CTO.

Not afraid of sticking his neck on the line with an emphatic publicity statement upon, which he should be subsequently judged with granular levels of analysis should it prove to be untrue, is TestPlant CEO George Mackintosh.

"These products will change the test tools industry," said Mackintosh.

Moving outward from his promotional stance only slightly, Mackintosh also added, "Manual testers can assess the productivity gains of test automation for free. Enterprises, network operators, and software developers can quickly and affordably buy a test environment literally in a box! With these new tools, TestPlant is responding to Agile development, to the move to mobile, to DevOps, and to the Internet of Things."

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