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March 1994/New Products

Industry-Related News & Announcements

Blue Sky Releases Code Generator for OWL v2.0

Blue Sky Software Corporation has released WindowsMAKER Professional v5, a Prototyper and C/C++ code generator for Windows and Windows NT, which lets Borland C++ v4.0 users generate OWL v2.0 code. WindowsMAKER v5 integrates into the Borland IDE and offers 50 features in addition to those offered by AppExpert.

Features of WindowsMAKER v5 include: Visual Basic-like code editing, toolbar, and context-sensitive SmartMenus; a Visual Screen Designer, which includes drag-and-drop editing and a configurable tool palette; and a Preview Mode which lets users preview and test run an application before compiling. WindowsMAKER v5 also includes Switch-It Code Generation Modules (SIMs), which let users switch to any language or major C++ library during the development of an application. Users can choose to automatically generate ANSI C, MFC and OWL from one design. Using WindowsMAKER v5, users can start a project and decide the type of code to use later and target Windows, Win32s, and Windows NT.

Other features of WindowsMAKER v5 include: toolbar support; application templates; code generation for online help; special effect support for fonts, colors, 3D buttons, patterns, and 256-color bitmaps; style and property setting support for controls; MDI application support; and Extended Functionality Modules (EFMs).

WindowsMAKER Professional v5 includes the ANSI C SIM and is $995. Registered users of WindowsMAKER Professional v4 can upgrade for $269. For more information contact Blue Sky Software Corporation, 7486 La Jolla Blvd., Suite 3, La Jolla, CA 92037, (800) 677-4946 or (619) 459-6365; FAX: (619) 459-6366.

National Information Systems Releases ACCENT STP

National Information Systems, Inc. has released ACCENT STP (Sun Transition Pack) v2.0, a source code translator for Sun developers who plan to migrate their OPEN LOOK applications to Motif and the Common Desktop Environment. ACCENT STP supports Motif v1.2 and X11R5 on Sun OS v4.1.x, and Solaris v2.x. According to NIS, ACCENT STP will translate 80% to 100% of the C/C++ application source code produced by XView, OLIT, or Devguide GIL files, including header files, where there are equivalent resources offered in Motif. The translated output will be recognizable Motif C or C++ source code.

Features of ACCENT STP v2.0 include support for "drag and drop," TTY widgets, and internationalization support. Other features of ACCENT STP include: compliance to the Motif standard, compatibility with Solaris v2.4/COSE CDE, and application portability to multiple hardware platforms.

ACCENT STP consists of four optional modules. The Devguide Conversion, XView Conversion, and OLIT Conversion modules are $4,995 each. The WindowMaker GUI Editor is $1,495. Motif consulting and training are also available. ACCENT ToolKit, a Motif library and OPEN LOOK ToolKit which helps support OPEN LOOK users after the source code is translated, is available for $2,495 when purchased with ACCENT STP. For more information contact National Information Systems, Inc., 4040 Moorpark Ave., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95117, (800) 441-5758; FAX: (408) 246-3127; e-mail: [email protected]

Select Software Upgrades C++ Designer

Select Software Tools has upgraded C++ Designer, an MS-Windows-based object oriented analysis and design tool, which includes Microsoft's MFC2 Library and the Borland Owl Library. Based on Rumbaugh's Object Modeling Technique (OMT), C++ Designer lets the user structure systems graphically, adding classes and relationships using the GUI. The most recent release allows users to select from classes available in the Microsoft library or from their own class library. Header files for C++ can be generated from the design and linked into the Visual C++ environment.

Features of C++ Designer include: Windows CUA compliance; MDI interface; a data dictionary browsing capability; access control via user-ID; export facility to clipboard or to Windows metafile; project administration including versioning, backup, restore, and off-line; and multi-page printing. C++ Designer also supports the object-oriented and C++ features including: single and multiple-class inheritance; class properties such as attributes and operations; associations including multiplicity, roles, qualifiers, and specialized forms such as aggregations; defining the access, virtual and static nature of attributes and operations, and the access and virtual nature of base classes; and storage of additional descriptive and constraint information for classes, attributes, operations, and associations.

C++ Designer can be integrated with Borland's C++ and Turbo C++, and Microsoft's Visual C++. It can also be configured to integrate with other Windows IDEs. Code frames can also be generated from C++ Designer. Code is compatible with most C++ compilers including Borland, Microsoft, and Clarion TopSpeed.

C++ Designer is $295 per user, including free technical support via a toll free number. Upgrades are sold separately. Users who have purchased C++ Designer within the past three months will receive the MFC2 library at no cost. For more information contact Select Software Tools, Ltd., 1526 Brookhollow Dr., #84, Santa Ana, CA 92705, (714) 957-6633; FAX: (714) 957-6219.

Inmark Releases zApp Interface Pack

Inmark Development Corporation has released the zApp Interface Pack, an add-on product to its C++ class libraries. zApp is a portable C++ Application Framework that gives application developers cross-platform portability through object-oriented C++ classes. zApp v2.0 is shipping on Windows, Windows NT, DOS Test, DOS Graphics, and OS/2.

The zApp Interface Pack augments zApp by providing a set of additional classes that add graphical elements to applications. Classes in the zApp Interface Pack (ZIP) provide applications with toolbars and status lines, 3D custom controls, bitmap buttons, and a table object.

Quoting Howard Love, President and CEO of Inmark, "Developers can now incorporate the most advanced features of modern applications with just a few lines of code. Toolbars, spreadsheet-like tables, and other high-level controls, which would normally require weeks or months of engineering time, are now available to developers with just a few lines of code."

Demonstration software of zApp is available on the Inmark BBS. For more information contact Inmark Development Corporation, 2065 Landings Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043, (415) 691-9000; FAX: (415) 691-9099; BBS: (415) 691-9990, CompuServe GO INMARK

StratosWare Releases MemCheck for ANSI and K&R Platforms

StratosWare Corporation has released an ANSI-compliant source code version of MemCheck, its error-detection tool for C/C++. MemCheck can be used for development projects built with ANSI or K&R compliant C/C++ compilers.

MemCheck for ANSI and K&R can detect memory overwrites and underwrites, memory leaks, heap corruption, and out-of-memory conditions, and requires no source code changes for most projects. MemCheck integrates with existing C/C++ code and works at run time to identify errors by source file and line number. The error messages may be directed to the screen, written to log files, or sent in network or e-mail messages.

MemCheck for ANSI and K&R includes source code and requires no debugging information and no special compilation options. Developers may ship applications with MemCheck linked in, royalty-free, allowing detection of errors at beta or customer sites. According to StratosWare, applications with MemCheck linked in run unchanged and at full speed. MemCheck may be switched on or off at run time, linked out via a "Production" library, or compiled completely out with no source code changes.

MemCheck for ANSI and K&R is $199. StratosWare offers free technical support via fax, CompuServe, Internet, and a toll free number. For more information contact StratosWare Corporation, 1756 Plymouth Rd., Suite 1500, Ann Arbor, MI48105, (313) 996-2944; FAX: (313) 747-8519.

Quadralay Ship UDT for C/C++

Quadralay Corporation has begun shipping UDT for C/C++ v1.2, an open UNIX development environment. UDT for C/C++ works with existing tools and code base, and acts as an incremental front end to existing compilers and other development tools. Features of UDT for C/C++ include: source code browsing, editing, project management, compiling, and prototyping for C++ classes and libraries.

UDT for C/C++ v 1.2 supports SPARC SunOS v4.1.x, SPARC Solaris v2.x, Intel SCO Open Desktop, Intel Solaris v2.x, HP 9000/700, and the RS/6000. UDT for C/C++ v1.2 single and multiple licenses are $595 and $795 per seat respectively. A free, thirty-day evaluation with online documentation is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.quadralay.com ( or by request. For more information contact Quadralay Corporation, 8920 Business Park Dr., Austin TX 78759, (512) 346-9199; FAX: (512) 794-9997; e-mail: [email protected]

Sector Seven Releases MakeMasterv2.6

Sector Seven has released MakeMaster v2.6. MakeMaster (formerly DEPGEN), reads C source code and include files to create makefiles. Features of MakeMaster v2.6 include: support for C++, an optimized file search algorithm, flat dependency lists, relative directory references, and custom compiler command lines.

MakeMaster v2.6 supports multiple disk and directory projects, cross-compilers and linkers, libraries, and DLLs. MakeMaster v2.6 runs under DOS v3.3+, and supports ANSI C and C++, Borland's Turbo Make, and Microsoft's NMake. MakeMaster v2.6 is $49.95. For more information contact Sector Seven, P.O. Box 11391, Burke, VA 22009, (703) 866-9477.

Stewart, Dufour and Gossage Distributes ProminareTM

Stewart, Dufour and Gossage Ltd. have begun distributing Pominare Inc.'s ProminareTM in North America. ProminareTM combines a graphically oriented GUI design and code generation tool with an integrated development environment and a programming editor. The GUI development part of ProminareTM supports PM controls including those for MMPM/2 and Pen-PM. ProminareTM supports C/C++ compilers and CommonView. The GUI tool also supports direct creation of resource files as well as programming code.

According to the company, the integrated development environment of ProminareTM eliminates most of the common mistakes encountered in trying to build OS/2 applications. ProminareTM's graphical interface supports compiler-independent specification of common options required for compiling and linking programs. The IDE works with the programming editor to manage compiler and linker-detected errors.

ProminareTM's programming editor is PM-based but performs, according to the company, like a character-based editor. The editor is integrated with the IDE and the GUI design tool and provides links to on-line help for the IBM Toolkits. The single-user and network versions of ProminareTM are $895 each. Additional workstation modules are $795. There are no run-time fees or royalties. For more information contact Stewart, Dufour & Gossage Ltd., 210-1730 Courtwood Cr., Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 2B5, Canada, (613) 225-2121; FAX: (613) 225-2624; BBS: (613) 225-2968.

DDC International A/S Introduces 1stOBJECT EXEC

DDC International A/S has introduced 1st OBJECT EXEC, a C++-based real-time operating system aimed at industrial use. DDC-I regards C++ as a highly suitable candidate for safely solving control problems, and expects its run-time system to find uses from electronic measuring systems to life and safety-critical appplications. According to DDC-I, their C++ run-time system can facilitate rapid development of complex systems and advanced communications with the switches, sensors, and motors used in new designs.

For more infomation contact DDC International A/S, Gi. Lundtoftevej 1B, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark, +45 45 87 11 44; FAX: +45 45 87 22 17; Telex: 37704 ddci dk.

Omega Systems Ships VERSIONS

Omega Systems has begun shipping VERSIONS, a version control system for Windows. VERSIONS provides version control support for programmers by managing multiple project resources including source code, documentation, or other files. VERSION supports varied file formats, including binary files, and doesn't limit the number or types of files which can be maintained. VERSIONS is network-compatible and supports multiple developers working on the same project, allowing storage of both temporary and permanent versions of a file.

Eschewing the approach of storing incremental changes to files, VERSIONS stores previous versions of a file in a "master project," a proprietary format that labels, maintains, and tracks files for access to both the most current, as well as any past version. VERSIONS also tracks changes to a project either on a server or local workstation through the master project. Users check files into and out of the master project as needed and VERSIONS automates the process of determining which files need to be checked in or out. VERSIONS is $99. One copy of VERSIONS is required for each workstation in a networked installation. For more information contact Omega Systems, 5405 Alton Parkway, Suite 5A494, Irvine, CA 92714, (800) 458-5467 or (714) 253-6700; FAX: (714) 253-6712.

EMS Professional Shareware Upgrades C/C++ Utility Library

EMS Professional Shareware has upgraded its C/C++ Utility Library on CDROM. The library has over 1000 public domain and shareware products for programmers using C/C++, Microsoft C, and Turbo C. The products are compressed on 46 1.44 Mb diskettes or one CD-ROM. All products in the library, and 150 commercial products, are described in an indexed database which accompanies the library. When a programmer needs to locate a particular type of C/C++ product, he or she can find it by vendor, name, type, release date, or free text search across descriptions. The C/C++ Utility Library contains a variety of files, including: Array, Binary Tree, Communication, Compression, Database, Debugger, Editor, Graphics, Linked List, Memory Management, MS Windows, MS Windows NT, Paradox Engine, Program Generator, Reference, Spreadsheet, String, TSR/ISR, Virus, and other types.

The C/C++ Utility library is $59.50 on CD-ROM or $149 for the diskette versions. A subset of the C/C++ library containing 406 files for C++ only is available on 20 diskettes for $59.50. All products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. For more information contact EMS Professional Shareware, 4505 Buckhurst Ct., Olney, MD 20832, (301) 924-3594; FAX: (301) 963-2708; e-mail: [email protected]

Network Dynamics Upgrades Internationalization Toolkit

Network Dynamics has released the Internationalization Toolkit v3.0. The toolkit is used by programmers to simplify and expedite the internationalization/localization of software. Formerly known as "The String Externalization Tools," the toolkit has been expanded to include support for Windows and Presentation Manager string resource files, string length tracking, string file appending, an extraction "undo" utility, string replacement, handling of static initialization, and a graphical user interface.

Version 2.0 features like string extraction, multi-byte Kanji support, software lifecycle support, string tagging, string caching, and string re-insertion have been expanded in version 3.0, with the intent of providing greater flexibility and ease of use. The user's manual has also been expanded. A "white paper" on the subject of software internationalization is available as an option. Sample programs are included to illustrate DOS code page swapping and keyboard manipulation.

The Internationalization Toolkit is available in source code form for C/C++. Plans call for release of Turbo Pascal and Quick Basic versions in 1994. The Internationalization Toolkit supports DOS, OS/2, and UNIX platforms. The Internationalization Toolkit is $249.95 for a royalty-free source code license for up to 10 programmers. For more information contact Network Dynamics, (804) 220-8771; FAX: (804) 220-5741.

Cadre Technologies Introduces Ensemble Viewer

Cadre Technologies Inc. has released Ensemble Viewer, an interactive 2-D and 3-D graphical tool for visualizing C programs.

Ensemble Viewer supports browsing of program flow, data structure, and physical file structures. Ensemble Viewer provides interactive views of key program aspects by displaying program information and test results that are stored in the Ensemble database. Ensemble Viewer lets the user interact with the software design, code, and files by viewing a graphical representation of the actual program structures. This interaction lets a user understand the program or see the impact of program changes without having to read through the source code. Ensemble Viewer is available for Sun SPARCstations and the company plans called for a release on HP9000 and IBM RS/6000 during the first quarter of 1994. Prices for Ensemble Viewer start at $2,400 depending on configuration. For more information contact Cadre Technologies Inc., 222 Richmond St., Providence, RI 02903, (401) 351-5950; FAX: (401) 351-7380.

TerraLogics Upgrades Mapping Software Toolkit

TerraLogics, Inc. has upgraded TerraView, its geographic mapping software development kit. TerraView v4.0, lets developers embed geographic maps directly into the source code of Windows applications developed with Microsoft's Visual C++ and C/C++ v7, Borland's C++ v3.1, Gupta's SQL Windows, and Powersoft's PowerBuilder.

Features of TerraView v4.0 include: raster data support, which lets developers superimpose TerraView data maps over aerial photographs or satellite images; style sheets, which are used to customize map displays; dynamic renditioning, which supports style changes for a single use of a map; and faster updating of mobile symbols for real-time tracking and display applications. TerraView v4.0 lets map users access data from many database managers, including Gupta SQLBase, dBASE, and Oracles, as well as Defense Mapping Agency's Digital Chart of the World and the Census Bureau's Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) data.

TerraView v4.0 is available for MS-DOS and Windows, Apple Macintosh, and UNIX systems from SUN, HP, and IBM. For more information contact TerraLogics, Inc., 600 Suffolk St., Lowell, MA 01854, (508) 656-9900; FAX: (508) 656-9999.

PractiSys Releases STORC GOLD v2.0

PractiSys has released v2.0 of STORC GOLD, its Windows form conversion tool. STORC GOLD v2.0 lets Microsoft Visual C++ developers directly import Visual Basic .FRM files into C++ projects, reusing both form design and VBX controls.

STORC GOLD v2.0 is $45.93 per copy per single user. Developers can download a fully-functional evaluation copy from CompuServe (GO WINSDK or GO MSBASIC), or can obtain a copy from PractiSys for $3. For more information contact PractiSys, 4767 Via Bensa, Agoura, CA 91301, (818) 706-8877.

Computer Applications Specialists Introduces ProMet

Computer Applications Specialists has introduced ProMet, a C/C++ metrics utility. ProMet measures program size, number of comments and comment density, McCabe's and other complexity measurers, level of nesting, number of program jumps, and number of literals. These measures provide quantitative data for estimation of effort and conformance to programming style guidelines.

In addition to calculation of metrics for each function and each module, ProMet provides program summary data and a "Top Ten" report that highlights the ten functions that have the highest metric scores. The Top Ten functions are presented both in a file list and as a graph to highlight the code sections that have the highest likelihood of having errors. The Top Ten list lets testing and review resources focus on code areas that are the most complex and may suggest the need for additional oversight.

ProMet is $99 and comes with a manual that provides a background on software metrics and their use. For more information contact Computer Applications Specialists, 9948 Hibert St., Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92131, (619) 695-2600; FAX; (619) 695-0794.

Digital Information Systems Corporation Ports PVCS to Alpha AXP

Digital Information Systems Corporation and Digital Equipment Corporation have ported Intersolv's PVCS Version Manager v5 and PVCS Configuration Builder v5 products to Digital's Alpha AXP. Under the terms of the agreement, DISC is porting, distributing, and providing technical support for PVCS products on operating systems not supported by Intersolv. DISC has completed ports to OpenVMS, VAX/VMS, OSF/1, and several UNIX-based platforms.

Features of PVCS Version Manager v5 include: SQL support facilities, expanded file support, user-defined delta generation, and internationalization capabilities. Features of PVCS Configuration Builder v5 include: run-time diagnostics, build techniques, directives, and build script compilation capabilities.

The price for PVCS Version Manager v5 starts at $599 for a 1-4 user license and Configuration Builder starts at $399. For more information contact Digital Information Systems Corporation, 11070 White Rock Rd., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, (800) 366-3472 or (916) 635-7300; FAX: (916) 635-6549.

Odyssey Development Releases ISYS Search Engine

Odyssey Development, Inc., has released the ISYS Developers' Toolkit, which includes Odyssey's ISYS text retrieval software. Developers and OEMs can integrate the ISYS text retrieval engine into applications for CD-ROM authoring, electronic publishing, or document and image management. ISYS can access textual information stored in word processor and other files. ISYS can read 28 word processor formats, as well as some spreadsheet and database files. Documents to be searched remain in their native formats. The Developers' Toolkit also lets OEMs develop External Access Modules. ISYS can then access and index "foreign" data sources, such at text stored in a relational database.

The ISYS engine is available for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS. The ISYS engine can be called from many major languages. Sample code is provided for C, Pascal, and Visual Basic. For more information contact Odyssey Development, Inc., 650 S. Cherry St., #220, Denver, CO 80222, (303) 394-0091: FAX: (303) 394-0096.

SLR Systems Upgrades OPTLINK

SLR Systems Inc. has upgraded OPTLINK for Windows. OPTLINK v5.0 for Windows lets developers generate compressed executables (.EXE) and Dynamic Link Libraries (.DLL). According to the company, OPTLINK v5.0 for Windows can reduce file size by 50 percent. Compressed EXEs and DDLs generated by OPTLINK become self-loading and decompress automatically as segments are demanded.

OPTLINK v5.0 supports Borland, Microsoft, and Symantec C++ compilers. Debugging support is included for Borland's Turbo Debugger and Microsoft's CodeView. As a DOS-hosted linker, OPTLINK is distributed in two forms, real mode and protected mode (DPMI).

OPTLINK v5.0 for Windows is $350. Registered owners of v4.0 will receive the v5.0 update free, while other previous owners can purchase the update for $165. For more information contact SLR Systems, Inc., 1622 N. Main St., Butler, PA 16001, (412) 282-0864; FAX: (412) 282-7965; BBS: (412) 282-2799.

Segue Releases QA Partner for NT and OS/2

Segue Software has released its QA Partner cross-platform GUI test tool for IBM's OS/2 and Microsoft NT. Using QA Partner, developers can test applications on either of these platforms, and the test scripts will be portable across the other platforms QA Partner supports, including Windows, Macintosh, VMS, and Motif.

QA Partner for both IBM OS/2 and Microsoft NT is $1,495. For more information contact Segue Software, Inc. 1320 Centre St., Newton Centre, MA 02159, (617) 969-3771 :FAX: (617) 969-4326.

Intel Ships Plug and Play Kits

Intel Corporation has begun shipping three Plug and Play Development kits. The kits are designed to help developers in making PCs easier to configure. The Plug and Play Kits contain the software to perform the automatic configuration of new Plug and Play cards and Plug and Play-ready systems.

The first kit, the "Plug and Play Kit for MS-DOS and Windows," includes a DOS driver, interface libraries, a configuration utility, a VHDL description for an ASIC implementation, and reference manuals. The second kit, the "Plug and Play BIOS Enhancements Kit," contains BIOS software that detects and configures PCI and Plug and Play ISA add-in cards. Software is available in source code form. The third kit, "The Plug and Play ISA Hardware Demo Kit," contains a functional audio Plug and Play ISA demo card and Windows v3.1 Virtual Device Drivers. The kit also includes diagnostics, board schematic files, and speakers. Bundled with this kit is the "Plug and Play Kit for MS DOS and Windows."

The Plug and Play ISA Hardware Demo Kit is $895. For more information contact Intel Literature Packet #F8PO1, P.O. Box 7641, Mr. Prospect, IL 60056, (800) 548-4725.

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