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January 1999/New Products

Industry-Related News & Announcements

PtS has announced JClass Enterprise Suite, NuMega DevPartner Studio 6, and Visual Test 6.0. JClass Enterprise Suite, a new version of the family of JClass JavaBeans, provides the tools to develop client GUI applications that connect to multiple levels in a database. NuMega DevPartner Studio 6 automatically detects, diagnoses, and facilitates the resolution of software errors and performance problems. Rational Visual Test 6.0, an automated testing tool, helps create functional tests for web-based and Windows-based software built with development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.

For pricing and additional information, contact PtS Plc, +44.0.1928.579700; fax +44.0.1928.579701; [email protected] or [email protected]; www.pts.com.

Pervasive Unveils Pervasive.SQL SDK

Pervasive Software Inc. has announced the Pervasive.SQL SDK. Pervasive.SQL SDK includes the I*net Data Server, ActiveX controls, a pure Java API, and support for all major Windows development environments. The I*net Data Server utility provides the ability to write Pervasive SQL-based applications in many Windows development environments and run them as web-based or Internet-based client/server solutions. The I*net Data Server provides a direct connection to Pervasive-based data over the Internet, intranets, or extranets using the same transactional access method to data as experienced with LAN/WAN-based applications running over the network.

For pricing and additional information, contact Pervasive Software Inc., 800.287.4383 or +1.512.794.1719; fax +1.512.794.1763; [email protected] or [email protected]; www.pervasive.com.

ADNT Launches PlainSoft XAS

ADNT has launched PlainSoft XAS, a 100-percent Java API, designed to automate all the processing between databases, applications, and graphical interfaces. PlainSoft XAS provides many data-handling functions and does not require databases to adhere to the relational model. It handles all the linking for the graphical interface, data presentation, and updating.

PlainSoft XAS runs under all Java-compatible operating systems. Using a JDBC driver, a program written in PlainSoft XAS will run with Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL server, MS Access, and other databases.

PlainSoft XAS costs $99. A 30-day evaluation license, including full documentation, is available from the company's website.

For more information, contact ADNT, +; fax +; [email protected]; www.adnt.fr.

Cygnus Releases GNUPro Toolkit for Linux and GNU Compiler Java Edition

Cygnus Solutions has released GNUPro Toolkit for Red Hat Linux, a line of low-cost development tools for developing commercial applications on the Linux OS. The kit contains ANSI-conforming C and C++ compilers, a macro-assembler, the Cygnus GNUPro visual debugger, and binary utilities all on CD-ROM with online and printed documentation.

In addition, Cygnus has released to the Internet a GNU compiler that supports Java. Cygnus GNU Compiler for Java Edition (GCJ) is an extension to the GNU compiler that allows Java source code and Java bytecodes to be compiled to native instructions. When combined with GNUPro Toolkit, GCJ allows developers to write embedded-systems applications in Java using the host/target combinations that Cygnus supports.

Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Linux costs $149 and is available for Red Hat Linux 4.2 and 5.1 on x86 platforms. The Java Compiler is available free of charge from Open Sourceware at www.sourceware.cygnus.com.

For more information, contact Cygnus Solutions, 800.294.6871 or +1.408.542.9600; fax +1.408.542.9699; [email protected]; www.cygnus.com.

Advanced Software Technologies Introduces GDPro 3.0

Advanced Software Technologies has released GDPro 3.0, a development tool for creating object-oriented software designs from scratch or from existing applications and for generating code from those designs. GDPro 3.0 also provides the ability to document, maintain, and reengineer existing code for which no formal design blueprint exists. GDPro 3.0 supports the UML modeling notation.

GDPro 3.0 supports Intel-based PCs running Windows NT, and most features are available to Windows 95 users. Unix support is also provided for Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, and HP-UX. Pricing for the NT version of GDPro 3.0 starts at $2,495.

For more information, contact Advanced Software Technologies, Inc., 800.811.2784 or +1.303.730.7981; fax +1.303.730.7983; [email protected]; www.advancedsw.com.

MuTek Debuts BugTrapper

MuTek Solutions, Inc. has announced BugTrapper, an automatic bug-tracing system that requires no preparation of application sources, object, or executable files. BugTrapper points to a bug's precise execution path and the conditions under which it occurred. It generates a log of what happened inside the code during the final minutes before the bug occurred. Once the execution has been recorded, analysis and debugging can be performed off-line in BugTrapper's debugger-like environment.

BugTrapper is priced starting at $595 for a single license. BugTrapper supports programs compiled by Microsoft Visual Studio 4.1 or higher, and runs under Windows 95/98/NT 4.0.

For more information, contact MuTek Solutions, Inc., 877.284.8727, +1.503.670.1757, or +1.408.822.5484; fax +1.408.822.5657; [email protected]; www.mutek.com.

4Developers Unveils COM Explorer 1.0

4Developers has announced COM Explorer 1.0, a tool to enable developers to view, manage, and repair ActiveX controls, COM files, DLL servers, and EXE servers using an Explorer-like interface. The software provides a centralized view of COM objects, as well as detailed information such as GUID, TypeLib, version, and file information. Unwanted objects, such as objects with missing files left as junk in the registry, are clearly marked.

An integrated Registry editor provides the ability to view and edit COM settings using a pop-up menu. An inventory report generator creates HTML or comma-delimited text reports that include a list of the COM objects installed. The report generator includes filtering and customization options.

COM Explorer costs $129 for a single license and $350 for a site license.

For more information, contact 4Developers, +1.408.720.9343; [email protected]; www.4developers.com.

MindQ Announces Interactive Training Solutions for Java

MindQ Publishing Inc. has announced a line of interactive Java courses on CD-ROM. Courses include Essential Java Training for beginning Java users, Advanced Java Topics for experienced Java developers, and Developer Training for Java, which includes both the essential and advanced training curricula.

MindQ's courseware provides motion graphics and narrations, code examples and multilayered interactivity, allowing students to navigate freely through the topics.

The courses run on Windows 95/NT platforms. For a single user, twelve-month license, Essential Java Training costs $795, Advanced Java Topics costs $995, and Developer Training for Java costs $1,595.

For more information, contact MindQ Publishing, Inc., 800.646.3008 or +1.703.262.6600; fax +1.703.716.0237; [email protected]; www.mindq.com.

VERILOG Offers RuleChecker for Windows

VERILOG Inc. has announced the addition of RuleChecker to the LOGISCOPE C for Windows product line. RuleChecker detects and locates programming rule violations. RuleChecker checks coding rules, naming conventions, and presentation rules. It provides information on a violation, locates the anomaly, and offers suggestions to make the code comply with standards. In addition to the 50 predefined rules delivered with the product, users can modify, create, and integrate custom programming rules.

RuleChecker is available for Windows 95/98/NT and Unix. The Windows version costs $2,400.

For more information, contact VERILOG, Inc., +1.972.241.6595; fax +1.972.241.6594; www.verilogusa.com.

Hyperception Releases OORVL DSP Graphical Compiler

Hyperception, Inc. has announced the Object Oriented Real-time Visual Language (OORVL) DSP Graphical Compiler. The OORVL DSP Graphical Compiler allows engineers to create their DSP algorithms graphically using a block diagram editor. The compiler produces code for the Texas Instruments' TMS320C3x, TMS320C4x, TMS320C62x, and TMS320C67x DSP processors, but is capable of adding support for other DSPs.

The OORVL DSP Graphical Compiler offers direct-to-DSP chip graphical programming. All graphical elements are dynamically linked to optimize the flow of data in the processor and to produce a complete executable DSP object file for the DSP.

The OORVL DSP Graphical Compiler Standard Edition costs $1,495.

For more information, contact Hyperception, Inc., +1.214.343.8525; fax +1.214.343.2457; [email protected]; www.hyperception.com.

SourceOffSite Releases SourceOffsite 1.1

SourceOffSite, Inc. has released version 1.1 of its remote access tool for Visual SourceSafe, SourceOffSite Professional Edition. The product is specifically designed for companies with remote development teams that need fast and secure access to a centralized SourceSafe database via any TCP/IP connection.

Version 1.1 incorporates data compression and speeds SourceOffSite server operations by an average of four times over Version 1.0. Additional SourceSafe project-level features such as Project Checkout and Checkin are supported in the new release. Finally, a separate 56-bit encryption build is offered for international users allowing them to benefit from SourceOffSite's advanced security features. (The U.S. version supports 128-bit encryption.)

For more information and a free demo copy, contact Source OffSite, Inc., 1.217.356.3213; www.sourceoffsite.com.

VideoSoft Ships VsFlexGrid Pro 6.0

VideoSoft has shipped VSFlexGrid Pro 6.0, an ActiveX control that features native support for ADO 2.0, OLE DB, and DAO. VSFlexGrid works with Visual Basic 6.0 and 5.0, Visual C++ 6.0, and Visual J++ 6.0. VSFlexGrid also features a flexible, regular-expression engine that performs complex pattern matching, as well as regular-expression text matching and replacing.

VSFlexGrid Pro 6.0 costs $299. Upgrades are available by contacting VideoSoft. An evaluation copy of the control is available at the company's website.

For pricing and additional information, contact VideoSoft, 888.228.4839 or +1.510.595.2400; fax +1.510.595.2424; [email protected]; www.videosoft.com.

Objective Interface Unveils ORBexpress Real-Time C++

Objective Interface Systems, Inc. has released ORBexpress Real-Time for C++, a product that provides CORBA ORB implementation to real-time systems developers. It provides full IIOP support and a Micro-ORB architecture that lets developers replace key components of the ORB itself. In addition, the small memory footprint makes ORBexpress Real-Time useful for memory-constrained environments like network routers and switches.

For more information, contact Objective Interface Systems, Inc., 800-800-6477 or +1.703.295.6500; fax +1.703.295.6501; [email protected]; www.ois.com.

Pick Systems Offers D3 Linux v7.1

Pick Systems has released D3 Linux v7.1 with Red Hat Linux v5.1. D3 Linux offers rapid application design, development, and deployment with scalability from a single client to thousands. D3 Linux DBMS includes built-in B-trees, true-compiled FlashBASIC language, Access Query Language, unlimited views of information, business rule support, triggers, ODBC, and SQL connectivity. D3 also provides direct APIs to Visual Basic and an HTML language tool called FlashCONNECT.

D3 Linux v7.1 with Red Hat Linux v5.1 costs $300 per user.

For more information, contact Pick Systems, Inc., 800.367.7425 or +1.949.261.7425; fax +1.949.250.8187; [email protected]; www.picksys.com.

New Art Technologies Launches NA-TOOLBELT for Y2K

New Art Technologies has released NA-TOOLBELT for Y2K, a toolkit of Year 2000 tools. NA-TOOLBELT contains: NA2000 SCAN, a set of batch utilities useful for searching for Year 2000 dependencies; NAIMPACT, a set of batch utilities with a Windows interface, Boolean search criteria, and fuzzy matching; NATRACE FOR C and NATRACE FOR COBOL, tools for tracing objects in their specific language down to 1,000 nodes; NA-EXCEL FOR SPREADSHEET, for searching spreadsheets including Excel, Lotus, and Quattro Pro; and NA-WORD for Documents, for searching text documents.

NA-TOOLBELT costs $1,750 with site licenses available at a reduced cost.

For more information, contact New Art Technologies, Inc., 800.276.1118 or +1.212.362.0559; [email protected]; www.newarttech.com.

Wise Solutions Introduces InstallMaker, InstallBuilder, and InstallMaster

Wise Solutions has introduced three installation suites for Windows applications: InstallMaker, InstallBuilder, and InstallMaster. InstallMaker creates basic Windows installations. InstallBuilder, for more detailed installations, contains script-writing capabilities. InstallMaster provides complete control over installations and includes features such as integrated debugging, built-in Windows API calling, script editing, and custom dialog and graphics editing. InstallMaster also includes SmartPatch, SetupCapture for repackaging other installations into Wise scripts, and WebDeploy for efficient installations from a website or intranet.

InstallMaker costs $199; InstallBuilder costs $399; and InstallMaster costs $799.

For more information, contact Wise Solutions, Inc., 800.554.8565 or +1.734.456.2100; fax +1.734.456.2456; [email protected]; www.wisesolutions.com.

Simba Technologies Releases SimbaProvider

Simba Technologies has released SimbaProvider for OLAP 1.0, a development kit for building native OLE DB providers for multidimensional OLAP data stores. SimbaProvider and SimbaProvider Professional Edition deliver multi-platform OLE DB, ODBC, and JDBC connectivity to proprietary data from the Windows desktop and web browsers.

For pricing and additional information, contact Simba Technologies, Inc., 800.388.4933 or +1.604.601.5300; fax +1.604.601.5320; [email protected]; www.simba.com.

Wolfram Research Unveils MathCode C++

Wolfram Research has released MathCode C++, a product for translating Mathematica programs into optimized C++ code. The resulting C++ code can run in stand-alone mode or use Mathematica callbacks for accessing higher-level functions not available in C++. In addition, MathCode C++ optimizes Mathematica matrix expressions into C++, provides a C++ library for extended matrix manipulation, and provides connectivity with existing C, C++, and FORTRAN77 programs.

For pricing and additional information, contact Wolfram Research, Inc., 800.965.3726 or +1.217.398.0700; fax +1.217.398.0747; [email protected]; www.wolfram.com.

INT Debuts J/GeoToolkit

Interactive Network Technologies, Inc. (INT) has announced J/GeoToolkit, a supplemental library for use in petroleum exploration and production applications. J/GeoToolkit contains tools for seismic displays, logs, contours, and XY-plots. The toolkit is powered by J/Carnac, INT's Java, web-enabled Carnac graphics technology that provides interactive two-dimensional graphical applications.

J/GeoToolkit is available for Windows 95/NT, Sun Solaris, and many Unix and X-Window implementations. A demo CD-ROM is available from the company website.

For pricing and additional information, contact Interactive Network Technologies, Inc., 877.422.7622, +, or +44.1273.835133; fax +1.713.975.1120; [email protected]; www.int.com.

Rogue Wave Announces Money.h++ 2.0

Rogue Wave Software has announced Money.h++ 2.0, an expanded version of its C++ and Java class library for monetary representations, currency conversions, and decimal precision. Money.h++ 2.0 offers bilateral and triangulated currency conversions. In addition, it offers several different ways to round, the ability to extend or override default conversion algorithms, and fixed and floating decimal point classes in 16 different precisions.

Money.h++ 2.0 costs $995. Annual support is $395.

For more information, contact Rogue Wave Software, 800.487.3217 or +1.303.473.9118; fax +1.303.545.3012; [email protected]; www.roguewave.com.

Vendors Announce Support for Visual Studio 6.0

The following vendors have announced products that support Microsoft's Visual Studio 6.0:

  • Simba Technologies — The Simba Provider Family of products
  • Wise Solutions, Inc. — Wise Installation System
  • Mortice Kern Systems (MKS) — MKS Source Integrity Professional Edition 3.1 and MKS Toolkit 6.1
  • Phar Lap Software, Inc. — TNT Embedded ToolSuite
  • InstallShield — InstallShield Professional, InstallShield Express, and InstallFromTheWeb

PGI Unveils New Compilers for Pentium Pro Workstations and Servers

The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) has announced a line of parallelizing/optimizing compilers for Pentium Pro processor-based workstations and servers. Based on technology developed by PGI for the Department of Energy's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative Red TeraFLOPS supercomputer, these compilers are available for single-processor and parallel Pentium Pro processor-based systems running Linux86 or Solaris86 operating systems.

For pricing and additional information, contact The Portland Group, Inc., +1.503.682.2806; fax +1.503.682.2637; [email protected]; www.pgroup.com.

Superscape Launches 3D Control

Superscape has released 3D Control, an ActiveX control used to improve integration between 3-D environments and other development tools, such as Visual Basic, Java VM, and Visual C++. 3D Control also allows developers to introduce interactive 3-D environments into applications for the first time.

For pricing and additional information, contact Superscape, Inc., +1.408.969.0542; fax +1.408.969.0510; [email protected]; www.superscape.com.

Alaska Software Announces Xbase++ 1.2

Alaska Software has announced Xbase++ 1.2, a successor to the Clipper database development environment. Xbase++ 1.2 is compatible with all versions of Clipper through version 5.2, and includes a Year 2000 warranty and incorporates Euro-symbol support.

Xbase++ also supports advanced technologies, such as client-server architectures and Internet/Intranet. Xbase++ 1.2 for Windows NT and Windows 95/98 has been custom tailored to solve the problems currently facing many developers of Clipper applications. Its Year 2000 warranty ensures that no unpleasant surprises will accompany the forthcoming turn of the century. In addition, its Euro-symbol support readily extends business applications to include the forthcoming European common currency. The latest version also provides full support for Windows 98 and much better support of Windows APIs.

Pricing is available upon request. Registered users of Xbase++ 1.1 will automatically receive a no-charge update to Version 1.2 sent to them directly by Alaska Software.

For more information contact Alaska Software, www.alaska-software.com.

Paradigm Entertainment Announces VisKit 3-D Software

Paradigm Entertainment, Inc. has announced the release of VisKit, a new rendering solution for real-time 3-D applications on the Windows operating system.

VisKit enables developers to quickly construct applications using 3-D models and sound. It will serve as the basis for all of Paradigm's future PC/Windows-based games, although it can be used in a variety of other applications including simulations, visualizations, interactive web applications, and real-time players.

VisKit features a minimal run-time memory footprint and high-speed unrolled rendering loops for improved 3D graphics performance. Despite its small size, VisKit contains more than 100 classes, providing the developer all the tools and features necessary for creating 3D applications. VisKit is layered on OpenGL, enabling it to take full advantage of today's 3D graphics accelerators.

VisKit is priced at $99, with no additional royalties or licensing fees. It may be purchased through direct sales via the VisKit website at www.viskit.com.

For more information contact Paradigm Entertainment, Inc., +1.972.857.1393; fax +1.072.488.6300; www.viskit.com.

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