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AccuRev 4.9 Released with Floating Licenses

AccuRev has announced the latest release of its software configuration management solution AccuRev Software Configuration Management, Version 4.9, which features new floating licenses that enable contractors, occasional users, non-developers, and others to utilize AccuRev SCM without the need for being a named licensed user.

"New floating licenses and other AccuRev 4.9 enhancements are further evidence of AccuRev’s leadership in addressing the roadblocks to Agile adoption across software development teams,” said Damon Poole, AccuRev CTO.

Other AccuRev 4.9 feature enhancements include:

  • Improvements to the deep overlap filter, providing clarification of merges
  • Addition of a new interactive update preview filter, which allows developers to easily review all incoming changes before running update
  • Enhancements to AccuWorkflow that allow users to more easily associate an existing stage with an existing transition
  • Addition of clickable Issue link to Web interfaces, allowing for easier viewing of Web interface issues
  • Improved support for continuous integration through additional command line options

AccuRev also announced the release of Web Interface 2010.4 and Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev 2010.2. Web Interface 2010.4 allows access to AccuBridge for Atlassian Crucible, a separate plug-in for the creation of Crucible code reviews from within the AccuRev Web Interface. Multiple improvements to Diff functionality were also made to Web Interface 2010.4.

Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev 2010.2 integrates more AccuRev developer functionality with the Eclipse Platform IDE. This plug-in now supports Eclipse version 3.6, giving users a wider choice of project types when creating a new project, and has improved Open Project performance.

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