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Curl Updates RIA Platform

Curl has announced Version 7.0 of its Curl Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform, which enables the development of mission-critical, Web-based business applications that, the company claims, provide superior security, high performance, and support for large data sets. Version 7.0 offer the essential capabilities to build both traditional enterprise-class RIAs and desktop RIAs at a lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, Version 7.0 allows businesses to run a true Fit Client application -- a convergence of RIA technologies and desktop applications. Fit clients embrace the local processing and offline capabilities of Thick Clients while providing tooling normally associated with thin-client web applications. Fit Clients can leverage the processing power and disc space of the client machine, but they can also offer more restrictive and secure environments than client/server platforms.

"Developing the Fit Client application is becoming more important for the enterprise in 2009," said Bert Halstead, Curl's chief architect. "We have received great feedback during the beta testing of Curl 7.0 and are confident that it delivers enterprises a better choice for secure, mission-critical applications that use large data sets and require 3D and 2D rendering, sophisticated data input and visualization."

Key features of Version 7.0 of the Curl platform include:

  • Applet installer and desktop controls. Curl applets can be installed on the desktop for online and offline operation in a secure sandbox. The installer creates shortcuts on the desktop and start menu with customizable icons and a skinnable user interface.
  • Client-side database. Version 7.0 enables developers to build applications with local databases using the popular open source SQLite database engine combined with standard Curl techniques for data presentation and manipulation.
  • Demo applets. These Web-enabled applications run standalone on the desktop, update when connected and provide real business value to enterprises.
  • Desktop security model. With Version 7.0, desktop applications use the same security model as Curl applets. They run in a secure sandbox with local data access but limited system privileges. Curl applications also can run with full privileges, which require a standard digital signature provided by an established certification authority -- self-signing is not allowed.

Curl Version 7.0 is currently available for download here.

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