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Enkive CE Email Archiving Tool Goes Live

The Linux Box Corporation's first commercial software product, an advanced email archiving, retrieval, and reporting system, has gone live in a community edition and is available for free download at www.enkive.org.

Email archiving remains a serious issue for corporations small and large. As email is now a record of corporate communication and integral to business operations, email storage is growing 25 percent annually, according to Osterman Research.

Enkive Community Edition (Enkive CE) is a comprehensive open source solution. It promises to help organizations of all sizes address the problem of e-mail retention for business intelligence and legal and regulatory compliance.

According to Elizabeth Ziph, president and CEO of The Linux Box, “The need to have easy access to a secure email archive is more useful than and just as important as being compliant with laws and regulations governing communications. Email today represents employees' work product and their entire record of customer interaction. This type of business intelligence should be retained and not put at risk of being lost."

Enkive captures emails as they are sent and received to ensure they are saved before an employee can delete them. It reduces storage costs by de-duplicating redundant emails and searches are conducted not only in the main email body, but also in attachments. Enkive also provides organizations with easy search and recovery of emails, helping companies to address compliance issues with laws and regulations, as well as litigation support.

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