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HP Converged Cloud Builds Common Architecture

HP is this week announcing new developments to its Converged Cloud portfolio targeting deployments inside hybrid cloud environments.

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This means that HP has delivered the next phase of a common OpenStack-based architecture for the firm's own private, managed, and public cloud offerings.

The firm has also announced new software and services to accelerate time-to-market for private cloud implementations.

NOTE: HP research is now (somewhat unremarkably) claiming that by 2016 we will see 75 percent of enterprise IT delivered across private, managed, and public clouds.

HP Cloud OS is described as an open and extensible cloud technology platform that uses OpenStack technology to enable workload portability, simplified installation, and enhanced lifecycle management across hybrid clouds.

HP CloudSystem (the firm's private cloud offering) already embeds HP Cloud OS technology, offering greater choice in terms of deployment options. To help users get started quickly with an initial private cloud deployment, HP is also offering the HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite — this software integrates cloud automation and orchestration into a single bundle.

HP's Moonshot servers will also be offered with HP Cloud OS, providing provisioning and management for specific cloud workloads such as dedicated hosting and large-scale websites. HP Cloud Services, the firm's public cloud offering, also leverages its own cloud OS technology.

"Forty-three percent of respondents in an HP-commissioned survey said that finding the right strategic partner to get them started was a barrier to cloud adoption. To help guide customers on their cloud journey, HP introduced the HP Converged Cloud Professional Services Suite. This streamlined offering is designed to help customers at each stage of their cloud journey, from advice to transform to manage," said the company.

New services added to this portfolio include HP Converged Cloud Support, HP Cloud Design Service, HP Cloud-ready Networking Services, HP Proactive Care for CloudSystem, HP Cloud Security Risk and Controls Advisory Services, as well as enhancements to Applications Transformation to Cloud services.

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