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Infragistics Releases User Experience Patterns

Infragistics has announced availability of Quince, a free, interactive UX patterns catalog and community resource to build user interfaces. Quince, Infragistics' resource specifically focused on giving developers guidance to create exceptional user experiences, allows UX pattern discovery, usage and understanding.

"We're using the knowledge we've gained to help developers and designers employ best UX practices. This empowers them to build UIs that are easy-to-use, intuitive, logically organized and look great making those applications much more likely to be accepted, used and subsequently successful in the marketplace," said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. "User Experience is a key market differentiator and with Quince, developers can continually improve their UX design skills and the experience of the software that they create."

Quince, built on top of Microsoft's Silverlight technology, is launching with over 90 of the most commonly used UX patterns. Through Quince, Infragistics has created a community focused on creating exceptional UX where developers can go to see what other developers are doing, share UI designs, provide feedback, and the like.

There are no fees associated with Quince, but to participate in the community features, developers can register.

"Quince is about providing more than a 'box of tools' and instead helps developers create an experience that is visually stunning and compelling for the end user," added Guida.

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