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Jolt Awards: The Nomination Process

Jolt Awards start with the nomination process. In other words, your favorite developer tool can't win an award unless someone puts that tool in front of our expert panel of Jolt judges.

There are three ways tools can be nominated:

  • Vendors can nominate their products. If you're proud of what your development team has developed and want the world to know about it, then nominate it to be considered for a Jolt Award.
  • Judges can nominate products they've run across.Jolt judges are developers too, and they use the same tools that you do. They have their favorites and are always looking for ways to acknowledge excellence in software development.
  • Community members -- that means YOU! -- can nominate products and tools you feel are deserving of a Jolt Award. You're the expert. You're the person who uses software tools day-in and day-out. You know what works -- and what doesn't. So here's your chance to show your appreciation for a job well done, tool-wise. Nominate now!

Tools you nominate can be commercially available or freely available. They can be developed by a global development shop with thousands of developers or a single programmer working on weekends. They can be open source or proprietary. You make the call.

Tools to be included in the nomination process must be "shipping" products -- not pre-release (Beta). Judges need to receive and evaluate the same product that "customers" receive when they acquire ("purchase") the software. This includes licenses. If customers get an unlimited license when they acquire the software, then judges need the same license.

If you have a tool -- book, utility, application, or whatever helps make better software faster -- send in your nomination to [email protected] now! Jolt judges appreciate your expertise and input.

The Jolt Awards kicks off by acknowledging books. We're looking for leading edge books that delve deeply into new and innovative technical content that includes, but is not limited to: software languages, systems, hardware and coding styles, technologies, platforms, operating systems, modeling, architecture, source-code optimization and code-level security.

What books have you turned to that are deserving of a Jolt Award? Send in your nomination to [email protected] now!

And if you want talk with your fellow developers about likely candidates, just strike up a conversation by logging on and adding a Comment below.

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