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Major PlasticSCM Updates

Codice Software has introduced a community edition of Plastic SCM. Community edition users will get a full-featured version of the change and configuration management product, which will be licensed for free to environments with less than 15 developers.

In addition to the user volume restriction, community edition customers will not receive priority support, but the company believes that its user community forums will provide much of the guidance that is necessary.

Additionally, Codice has announced major upgrades in its new Plastic SCM 3.0.6 release, including a number of important improvements on the core Eclipse integration (such us a new Synchronize view, the ability to directly import projects from Plastic SCM during workspace creation, and revisited check-in functionality), as well as new Mylyn integration to improve parallel development within Eclipse (the Mylyn integration represents a significant step for Codice, as it will streamline parallel development for Eclipse users).

As part of the new release, Codice has also introduced a new Visual Studio Package for Visual Studio 2005 and higher. According to the PlasticSCM blog, the Visual Studio Package will create "a better base to continue evolving plugins and enable more innovative functionalities ... Thanks to the new integration, we were able to include much more functionality in the Visual Studio IDE [including] the context menu options that were simply not available before, like annotating code or showing up history and tree 3D (before only the tree was available)."

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