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Thinkgos To Release gOS Linux Update

Good OS, the open source startup that introduced gOS Linux implementation bundled with Google and web applications, has announced that its gOS Rocket will be released this month. Rocket comes with:

  • Google Gears, an online/offline synchronization technology from Google that enables offline use of web apps
  • gBooth, a browser-based web cam application with special effects, integration with Facebook and other web services
  • Shortcuts to launch Google Reader, Talk, and Finance on the desktop
  • An online storage drive powered by Box.net
  • Virtual Desktops, an intuitive feature to easily group and move applications across multiple desktop spaces.

gOS Rocket also introduces gBooth, a web app customized for gOS. gBooth is powered by gOS spin-off, meebooth, a browser-based web cam application for capturing photos, adding special effects, and sharing across Facebook, YouTube, and other web services. To introduce a gOS-compatible web cam, gOS and meebooth partnered with web cam manufacturer Ezonics to create the "gCam," a web cam compatible with gOS and gBooth.

At the center of Rocket's desktop is a Google search box which launches Google search results in Firefox. Rocket also includes Google Gears for offline use of web apps. Google Reader, which lets you read all your news and blogs in one place, is the only Google application to currently work offline with Google Gears and has been added to the gOS desktop.

Other new features in gOS Rocket include:

  • Virtual desktops: Available on the desktop, allowing grouping of applications across multiple desktop spaces
  • Online Storage Drive: Available on the desktop, allows online backup and file sharing powered by Box.net.
  • Adobe Flash 9 for Linux: Preloaded, allows use of YouTube, gBooth, Google Talk
  • Updated Wi-Fi Manager "Exalt":

gOS 2.0 Rocket will be available online on January 7, 2008 as a free download. Rocket requires minimum 128MB of RAM, 400-MHz processor, and 3GB disk space.

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