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WANdisco Invests in Subversion Open Source Project

WANdisco, the makers of Enterprise Subversion is investing in the Subversion open source project by being the first company to make certified Subversion 1.6.15 binaries available for free download. WANdisco's certified Subversion binaries provide what is billed as a “fully tested” version of Subversion software versioning and revision control system based on the most recent stable release, including the latest fixes.

For those new to the company, WANdisco describes itself as a provider of infrastructure software for replication, scalability, and high availability. Hyrum Wright, WANdisco’s director of open source and release manager for the Subversion project has urged users to upgrade by downloading the latest release of these certified Subversion binaries — as the 1.6.15 release continues the efforts to enhance the functionality and improve the stability of the 1.6 release series.

The latest release of WANdisco’s certified Subversion binaries reportedly includes several key enhancements as well as bug fixes. One major benefit for users downloading 1.6.15 binaries is a fix for server-side crashes when using SVNParentPath and a memory leak invoked by running svn blame –g. The former affects only http-based SVN server installations, while the latter affects all SVN server installations.

WANdisco asserts that in keeping with all its certified Subversion binaries releases, these 1.6.15 binaries aren’t polluted with any other software that users don't really need or want.

“WANdisco's pure Subversion binaries are a mere 6Mb versus the massive 80Mb packages of some vendors. Users aren't forced down the path of using proprietary defect trackers or any other software that they're not currently using with Subversion. WANdisco's certified Subversion binaries can be used with any other open source or closed source software that works with Subversion. Customers that combine a WANdisco Subversion support contract with WANdisco's certified Subversion binaries have the added benefit of automated access to the latest fixes and updates,” says the company.

Profits from WANdisco’s Subversion support contracts are being used to hire additional Subversion "committers" and support the activities of the Subversion community. WANdisco's goal is to ensure that Subversion continues to provide the features that its users want and need and that the Subversion community has the resources to support these efforts.

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